No DLC Planned For Dissidia: Final Fantasy

In part two of Final Fantasy Union's Dissidia Interview series the site digs into Downloadable Content for Dissidia after speaking with Dissidia: Final Fantasy director, Takeshi Arakawa, and he's not too hot on DLC.

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mephman3390d ago

I think a lot of people were hoping they were going to add some DLC. Too bad, I guess.

ExcelKnight3390d ago

The Japanese game didn't have any DLC. Lucky they didn't decide to remove the codes that were in the original game in an effort to push DLC on us that was completely free content in Japan.

Kyll3390d ago

Yeah, now that would suck.

mephman3390d ago

True, but I think the game is perfect for some DLC. Even if it's just new costumes, or a few new characters. It would sell like hot cakes.

Superduper093390d ago

Good. I don't want to pay for DLCs.

ThanatosDMC3390d ago

DLC? It'll be better for them to release a sequel. People who loved it would gobble it up.

skip2mylou3390d ago

DLC...... hmmm nah i dont think i want DLC for Dissidia. just throw in the content that was gonna be thrown in for Dissidia 2 on psp or psp2 which ever comes first

Allowen3390d ago

I have never heard of a game on the PSP that had a DLC.

Hopefully this FF game will not be the first to get such thing.

wazzim3390d ago

Killzone, Wipeout Pure, Wipeout Pulse, Prinny, All monster hunter games, Tekken DR, Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce etc. etc.

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