Gamespot: Space Invaders Extreme Review

After nearly 30 years of blasting space bugs as a pixilated starship, the influence of Space Invaders is still prevalent in other shooters. Iterations of Gradius and R-Type evolved the horizontal movement and vertical shooting of their arcade ancestor, but Space Invaders refuses to be forgotten. Space Invaders Extreme manages to feel like both an ancient relic and a shiny new toy at once. Extreme's core remains fundamentally intact, but the psychedelic visuals and electronic bass grooves could fool newcomers into thinking that the space invasion started a lot more recently than it did. It's a fun, hectic blast that over quickly, but you'll want to come back for more.

The Good:
* Simple and familiar 2D shooting offers a gratifying challenge
* Oodles of extras such as boss fights, power-ups, and bonus modes
* Fantastic soundtrack
* Great multiplayer modes
* Plenty of reasons to keep coming back

The Bad:
* Quite short
* Slight response lag when online
* Intolerable sound effects

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