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TheHater3235d ago

Those graphic look like a PSP game. I hope this is a very very very early build.
But it is an JRPG so I am in.

ExcelKnight3235d ago

I'll unfortunately have to agree. Let's hope they're only using an engine akin to the one they used in Dragoneer's Aria for the first screenshots, because the visuals (environments, mostly) need polish.

Then again, it's a Hit Maker game. I'd be impressed if it was playable.

sonarus3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Nis graphics always suck. I don't see any gameplay screens or videos tho

Gun_Senshi3235d ago

Disgaea 3 graphics are worse then disgaea on psp but it one of the top jrpgs this gen.

Probably disgaea 3 is longer then wll 360 jrpgs put together.

raztad3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Which graphics you guys are talking about?. I dont see anything.


Still need to try Disgaea, probably I'll get the psp version. However I like tactical rpgs. I have played so far, Jean d'Arc, Final Fantasy Tactics and VC, but the tactical rpg is a niche market, it isnt everyone coup of tea.

Sky Zero3235d ago

Really Gun_Senshi?


ExcelKnight3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

You guys misunderstand. This isn't even a NIS game, it's a Hit Maker game. If you've even bothered to play their two PSP games, you'd know not to expect much, if anything remotely playable.

Their big pull, however, was the kickass graphics they managed to squeeze out of the PSP. That this game looks this unpolished is uncharacteristic of Hit Maker.

Gun_Senshi3235d ago

Yes really, Level cap 9999 is an example, and level 9999 is just the begining

caladbolg7773235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Could someone link to these screenshots? I can't agree/disagree with the OP because I can't seem to find any links to these screenshots.

Update: I just searched google, maybe my snooping abilities are not very strong. I can't seem to find screenshots of this game ANYWHERE.

40cal3235d ago

During battle, different body parts can be targeted to disable the enemy. For instance, attacks to the legs will slow them down, while blows to the arms will weaken their attacks. By strategically striking key areas of the body, players can strip the enemy of their ability to fight.

I'll wait for some previews or a demo though.

Dragun6193235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Link to the screen shots

I hope it will be good. PS3 is getting quite the rpgs. Can't wait!
Trinity Universe
End of Eternity
Tales of Vesperia on PS3
Cross Edge US version
Atelier Rorona
Final Fantasy VS XIII
Final Fantasy XIII
Alpha Protocol
Grandia Online
Fallout:Vegas (Hope there's no bullsh1t Exclusive DLC for this one at least not for the Xbox360 and PC.)
And Hopefully A PS3 port of Star Ocean:The Last Hope

7ero H3LL3235d ago

you know the graphics aren't really doing the console justice, if this game went for even $39.99 id still feel ripped.

mistwalker is no doubt going to drop the bomb this year, there's pretty much little competition in the rpg business as of right now.

SaiyanFury3235d ago

The JRPGs keep coming for the PS3. It's a good time for us.

callahan093235d ago

To each their own ExcellKnight, but quite frankly to imply (as you are doing) that Hit Maker games are unplayable is just wrong. Of course they're playable. They've never put out a broken game, they all work as they're intended to work just fine, you just didn't happen to enjoy them.

They produced some mediocre characters & stories in their games, true, I'll agree to that. For some RPG fans that's the deciding factor, but not for me. I'm into gameplay first and foremost. And Blade Dancer, their first PSP effort, was absolutely awesome in my opinion. Addictive as hell with its unique battle system and cool crafting mechanics. I think this developer is more than capable of making this Last Rebellion game addictive and engaging too. The battle mechanics sound really awesome from the press release.

I hope we see a gameplay video at E3 or sometime soon.

Sarick3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

I couldn't see the screen shots.

Don't forget this exclusive PS3 JRPG title is launching soon>>>

Says 5/20/09

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Darkiewonder3235d ago

Game comes out this Fall for NA. I'll hold off any judgement until i see the game running.

chidori6663235d ago

lets wait for more information of this game.. nis ftw in jrpg.

3235d ago
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