Gamespot: Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust PS3 Review

When the Leisure Suit Larry series was revived a few years back in Magna Cum Laude, its bawdy, over-the-top humor and minigame-heavy action seemed geared to capture a new generation of gutter-minded gamers. Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust seems geared to offend, bore, or frustrate anyone who makes the mistake of playing it. The game's shocking sense of humor has all but forsaken wit and cleverness, choosing instead to inundate you with a constant stream of ham-fisted innuendo and spray-and-pray vulgarity. Box Office Bust is an intensely adult game, yet the depressingly simple gameplay features more repetition than a children's television show.

The Good:
* Interesting directing minigame

The Bad:
* Irredeemably offensive
* Humor is rarely funny
* Dull, repetitive quests
* Ugly characters and buggy visuals
* Poor controls

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