Totally '80s box art

The 1980s are generally remembered as a cynical era of corporate greed, nuclear paranoia and really, really bad fashion. For nerdy kids who grew up during that decade, however, the '80s have come to represent a kind of golden age for videogames. Apart from that crash in the middle, Atari and Nintendo were at the height of their popularity, the arcade business was booming and literally dozens of computing and gaming platforms were able to compete successfully against each other for years.

But while a lot of the games from the era still hold up today, the boxes they came in often aren't so lucky. Guided by a desire to sell to young Whitesnake fans who thought mullets and hot pink were the height of cool, '80s box art tried hard to fit in with the standards of its era, which of course dated it horribly and gave us something to laugh at some 20 years later.

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