Top 10 Reasons The Dreamcast Owns The Current Generation

Koku Gamer writes: "The Dreamcast. Loved, mocked, shunned and dead. The last Sega console has a tragic life but lives on in the hearts of those who remember. Looking back a lot of people agree that the Dreamcast got the wrong end of the stick and deserved better sales and respect than it actually got, so Koku Gamer looks at Top 10 reasons why the Dreamcast would rock the sales today. Hint: One reason is in the image above. Read on"


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Cinotix3299d ago

Did you guys know that Shenmue II cost over 50 million dollars do develop. No many know that, the sad part is that it failed to sell too many copies.

s8anicslayer3299d ago

well einstein that's one main reason sega opted put of the hardware business!

ZuperAmazingCooKie3299d ago

How come it has so many worshipers? Shenmue and Omikron were great but the Dreamcast had too many cons to not be considered a failure. SERIOUSLY!

-No DVD playback
-Only one analogue stick
-Memory cards with useless features
-No backwards compatibility
-Rushed to market
-Small storage medium (regardless of movie playback)
-No EA support
-Only 6 buttons (A step back from the arcade perfect Saturn controller)
-Not enough Virtua Fighter games
-Not enough Sonic games
-No Altered Beast at all
-HUGE and horrible controller
-Pay to play online
-Windows based

That's not to mention Sega's poor financial status, horrible human resources management (Peter Moore anyone?), and the 32X/Sega CD legacy.

Saturn was the best Sega console IMHO, after the genesis and megadrive of course.

Elven63299d ago

Wow wow wow, a few things, firstly yes the Dreamcast was awesome!

1. The Dreamcast had one horrible flaw, a single static shock to the system would fry it. Considering a majority of households have carpet this was a huge vulnerability.

2. CD-R's, mostly pirated games would destroy the laser, it only made your Dreamcast die faster on you.

3. Piracy right out of the box :(

Regarding the article itself,

#2 makes no sense, you can still do that today!

The Dreamcast also had a ethernet adapter released for online play, it was awesome!

But yea the Dreamcast still kicks ass :)

Polluted3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Nobody likes to hear this because the DC is like the holy grail of gaming in the eyes of many, but the flood of arcade-perfect ports for DC ended up being more of a curse than a blessing, imo.

The hardware was near identical to Sega's popular arcade hardware from the time which meant devs. who used Sega's hardware for their arcade games could port to the DC with minimal effort. In the short term that meant a lot of arcadey games were released for the system in a short amount of time. Some of them were a lot of fun like Crazy Taxi. Unfortunately for Sega, console gamers require games with a bit more substance and replay value than your typical arcade port offers.

Just how many arcade racers and beat 'em ups did the DC see in its first year? Too many imo. Hydro Thunder and Zombie Knight can only hold your attention for so long, you know. It's a shame because there were a lot of great titles hidden amongst all those hasty ports.

Edit: Oops. I think I meant Zombie Night, not Knight.

Ziriux3299d ago

Indee Elven good post. But me personally I'm not too concerned about the piracy issue, I always bought games anyways. I wish they'd bring the dreamcast back.

I honestly believe that dreamcast just like the PS3 was ahead of it's time and it was hard to program. Except the PS3 will actually survive and stay around.

Kevin McCallister3299d ago

Dreamcast was actually extremely easy to program. You could just use C. It was very ahead of its time though. It had online chat in some games, the best memory card ever invented, Phantasy Star Online, a web browser, and an actual online network (Seganet). Things that took Sony and MS some time to get right.

Fullish3299d ago

If the dreamcast was so good why did it fail!

MoneyMarko3299d ago

sound like you've never played Dreamcast.

Kevin McCallister3299d ago

Lack of a DVD player and the Sony hype-machine steamrolled the Dreamcast. Along with tons of other debatable factors.

no-spin3299d ago

Obviously the majority of gamers did not played the dreamcast (it did fail). I knew people that had one, im not a big fan of crazy taxi, so the DC for me is as irrelevant as the jaguar

kewlkat0073299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

As well as, SEGA looked over to the nearest Electronics store and notice "consumers" some not even gamers, were buying PS2 off the shelves by the boatload because, well taadaa!!! it also played DVD's.

SEGA (IMO) had the best "Game Launch" ever, for a console.(Enough said)

* Blue Stinger
* Expendable
* Flag to Flag
* House of the Dead 2
* Hydro Thunder
* Monaco Grand Prix
* Mortal Kombat Gold
* NFL 2K
* NFL Blitz 2000
* PenPen TRiIceLon
* Power Stone
* Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
* Sonic Adventure
* Soulcalibur
* TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat
* Tokyo Xtreme Racer
* TrickStyle

Good games trickled slowly as well but it's almost like SEGA just froze when they heard (like from that screen of Jurassic Park) where the rumble is shaking that glass of water on the desk. SONY WAS COMING!!! You could of heard SEGA's cries, almost like that famous "Midnight ride of Paul Revere", The red coats are coming.

I think they had all the appeals and could do plenty the PS2 could not out the box like, Modem and Net access, and capable of surfing the Web but how do you convey that to the consumer, while taking away attention from the PS2's upcoming launch? I remember playing Quake III Arena, Phantasy Star and NFL2k online.

You can't tell me, SEGA did not have the 1st-party games but where was all the other 3rd-party support Sony was hogging?(some like to use stealing these days) Nowhere to be found and you know the big 3rd-party games I'm talking about, that made the PSone HAWT.

Had SEGA had some of that, plus it's 1st-party titles, it would of been one of the best..Oh well that's the nature of business. You really cannot blame Sony either.

Monkey5213299d ago

2-Skies of Arcadia
3-Sonic Adventures (1)

I actually liked the controller!!!....... 0_o

thebudgetgamer3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

its because sega lost consumer confidence. all the add ons for the geneses that failed, the game gear failed, saturn was just getting started when they droped it for the dreamcast. plus there was alot of in fighting between the us and japanese offices. all that led to the demise of sega not just the dreamcast alone.

Ziriux3299d ago

Yea not sure if you've played it, but the system had some very good titles and was great in the game department, SEGA wasn't trying too hard to promote it and it didn't have too many shooters like the consoles today do.

Dark General3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

F**K man I played the SH*T out of Trickstyle, Blitz and Soul Reaver when I first got my Dreamcast. Good times.

@Above: I remember when the first Half-Life was going to be on the Dreamcast. I think if the Dreamcast held on for a little longer HL could have changed things a bit.

kewlkat0073299d ago

I remember "Berserk", "Jet Set radio", well I won't go into all the others but I remember beating "Expendable", it was 2-players.

That Genre too sorta died along with Brawlers. It had shmumps, fighters (MVC/SNK millenium). Bangai-O.....grrr Console was da Bomb.

I'll stop now.

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IzKyD13313299d ago

......I know i'm gonna get like a million disagrees, but the dreamcast IS NO LONGER HERE!

Please, some of you people need to move on!

Elven63299d ago

Lets see, you can still buy the console new and games are being developed for it. Yea its so dead...

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