G4 To Broadcast 5 Major E3 Press Conferences Live and Stream All E3 Press Conferences on

Starting June 1, G4 will be bringing:

Over 22 hours of live coverage.

Live on-air coverage of five major press conferences, including Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. to stream all E3 press conferences Live and Unedited

Hands-on game demos

Exclusive interviews with top gaming executives

Steve Wiebe live world record Donkey Kong high-score attempt

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Andronix3237d ago

Ok so I'm not able to go to E3 - but thank f*** for G4tv and a fast internet connection! The Big 3 companies know that with the age of the internet E3 is more than just a press conference, it is a performance that is being watched live by the world. Last year was what I call an in-between year -nothing too special. This year could be amazing. So we've all read the rumours...

new Xbox motion sensing?
a new PSP model?
Wii remakes of mega classics PilotWings and Zelda?
Another megaton?!!!

who knows?! But I will be online watching with a smile on my face. This is what the internet was made for! (besides the other thing...)

Gamer_Politics3237d ago

i'll be watching right on

shamon3237d ago

who needs online im seeing it on g4 that whole week it like Christmas.

Dark_Overlord3236d ago

but the last live screening I watched on G4TV was sh1te, the cameras were constantly on things other than what they should be and the sound would keep going. I would rather watch it on Gamespot.