Top 10 PS3 Game Add-ons Downloaded in April

The latest Playstation Pulse provided a list for the top ten game add-ons downloaded in April.

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cranium3330d ago

Rock Band, CoD and LBP dominate that list.

Hallucinate3330d ago

yea those games are pretty much a license to print money

cryymoar3330d ago

nah, Sony's not like an American corporation. Sony actually earns their money by making AAA games and hardware. American corporations just cry "WE'RE IN TEH DEBT AND BANKRUPTCY!" and gets a license to print the money while the tax payers get the shaft.

Hallucinate3330d ago

just for 1 second..take your head out of sonys as5 and look at all the crap LBP download 1.99 for a costume if thats not milking i dont know what is..LBP is probably the most milked game in history..i would even go as far to say that it beats the sims

Socomer 19793330d ago

hallucinate, how much would you charge ps3 gamers for a LBP costume ???

If it were me I would charge 3.99 for a lbp costume. Im trying to get paid homie and i would never give out free LBP costumes or let anyone share the MGS paintenator levels at all.

but thats just because im greedy and sony cares about its customers and you just sit on the sidelines hating.