IGN: Red Dead Redemption First Look

They may share two of three words in their titles and be labeled as Western-themed games, but it doesn't seem like the upcoming Red Dead Redemption is going to be much like its predecessor, Red Dead Revolver. While the first game (which wasn't actually a Rockstar original but rather a project imported from Capcom and completed internally) was more of a stage-based affair with some mild platforming thrown in, it appears Rockstar is going all out with Redemption. The sequel is going to be set in an open world, which Rockstar claims is one of the largest it has created.

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This was a really in depth first look, and a lot of my questions were answered, This game is going to be great, a lot better than GUN. with the Red Dead Revolver combat formula. I CANT WAIT

TheExecutive3270d ago

Why is no one excited about this?!?!? Seriously, this will be one of the only remembered next-gen open world games. There is sparse enough detail to make this world HUGE and not only that but make it enjoyable. A coherent world that allows for a desert to be cool will go a very long way this generation.

People must be arguing over insignificant sales or something and not talking about the gem that is Red Dead Redemption.

I liked Gun, it had its flaws but was still a good game. This game is simply going to blow it out of the water. I love western games and feel its completely unappreciated by developers but god d*mn how can you possibly ignore this? The RAGE engine in open plains is going to be brilliant. Quote me on that.

UJUSTLOSTONE3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Gun was a fun game, i must admit, sometimes i would just ride around and wait for robbers to try and ambush me.

aaahhhh good times

* I think everyone is caught up in the inFamous Hype (wich isn't a bad thing) I guess the hype train will build slowly

Rhezin3270d ago

can't wait for this one. Day 1 for me.