Nvidia Says They Won't Screw Up Windows 7 Launch Like They Did Vista

Windows 7 will mark a dramatic improvement in the way the Windows operating system takes advantage of the graphics processing unit (GPU) to provide a more compelling user experience. And so, in conjunction with the release candidate of Windows 7, NVIDIA announced that it is the first hardware vendor to release a new Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL)-certified graphics driver for PC desktops and notebooks, offering all of the latest NVIDIA exclusive performance, features, and technology for its ION®, GeForce® and Quadro® products.

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bozebo3360d ago

About time, I heard somewhere that nVidia drivers are responsible for most windows vista crashes

WhittO3360d ago

ye, they prob just did it to try and get increased sales for their newer Cards, alot of the BSOD etc were because of companies like Nvidia not updating their drivers, which isnt MS fault really.

RememberThe3573360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

I'm still stuck with Vista. Thanks Microsoft.

EDIT: @Below: OK you need to explain that to me. I can get Windows 7 for free?

TheIneffableBob3360d ago

You can easily upgrade to the Windows 7 public RC for free.

TheIneffableBob3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

You can use the release candidate version for free until March 1, 2010. By then, the retail version of Windows 7 will have been released.

To install it, just burn the image onto a DVD with a program like ImgBurn or mount it onto a USB drive.

Kakkoii3360d ago

After the RC is over, if you still don't have the money for it, just download a pirated version after and use that until you can buy it.

RememberThe3573360d ago

But how do I know whats compatible with it?

3360d ago
morganfell3360d ago

That's what they said about Vista.

SaiyanFury3360d ago

Actually, I'm using the Windows 7 RC and it's quite nice. Not only was installation fast but I didn't have to install a single driver disc to get all of my devices working. Windows Update recognised my important hardware (video card, webcam, mouse etc.) and went online to locate the appropriate drivers and everything works. I had to track down a few drivers online, such as my soundcard, but it also works flawlessly. I have yet to try a game in Windows 7 but so far they've improved the stability since the beta back in January. If they continue the positive progress, I might find myself actually buying a Microsoft OS for the first time in years.

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Kurylo3d3360d ago

Its pretty cool of microsoft to be giving away windows 7 for an entire year for free before its official release in stores. Personally i wont buy 7 unless i buy a new computer, im happy with vista, doesnt hurt me i still play crysis on very high :)

Douche Nozzle3360d ago

"When it comes to hardware, pretty much anything made in the past 8 years lol. Software wise, most things should still work. If not, you right click>properties, then Compatibility tab up top, and change it to Windows XP compatibility. And it should run the program then."

Do any antivirus programs even work with W7? I wouldn't try it out unless it was at least compatible with most current AV programs [Avira,etc].

DeathMetal3360d ago

Just going to give you guys my experience so far running win 7 RC
the only issue i have had was the physx on in mirros edge crashes the game. All my other games work fine including crysis warhead, GTA4, call of duty WAW including the multiplayer, Devil May Cry 4, Far cry 2.

Application that work. Adobe reader, Avast antivirus, itunes and quicktime,(have not tried to sync with ipod), picassa, google earth, fraps, everest, gamebooster, ccleaner. Hope this helps, the Os is very stable and fast, love it so far.

Kakkoii3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

If there's a Vista version for any programs you use. Then it will work 99.9% of the time. And if there is only a Windows XP version, it should still work most of the time, or at least with XP compatibility setting on.