Ethics and BS morals in games

While video game violence is more detailed and gruesome than ever it is generally accepted. However, game developers are still faced with outrageous boundaries that movies and television don't have to abide by.

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Kakkoii3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I agree 100%. It's sad what society has become, religion has had a big part in this because of it's views on sex and sexually explicit things. It's created this view in society of doing anything possible to shield children from anything remotely sexual to keep them "pure". It's ridiculous. It's people forcing their views on everyone else.

Timesplitter143363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I find myself wanting to shout really mean things at people who disagreed with you.

EDIT : Ok, I'd at least want to hear what you have to say, disagreers. You WANT to force your beliefs on others?

tplarkin73363d ago

Violence in games or movies is an illustration. Sex in games or movies is a temptation.

Timesplitter143363d ago

movies and games ARE temptations.

Stop reading the Bible for a second and make up your own mind

menoyou3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

You're just a little kid so the first thing you can think of is crying about religion and how mommy and daddy don't treat you like a grown up, boohoo.

The fact is kids see sex and they want to do it. Hell, if I see sex i want to do it. This happens to everyone. Sex isn't illegal, violence is illegal. People aren't going to go out and kill someone because they see it in a game. Seeing violence in movies and games pumps me up but I'm not dumb enough to do it because it has consequences. To immature children such as yourself, sex has no consequence, so if they see it they'll want to do it.

Use your brain instead of crying like a baby.

3363d ago
Xelai3362d ago

Sex is not harmful.
Violence IS harmful.

Sex is one of the expressions of physical love.
Violence is THE expression of physical hate.

Nobody has died because of sex.
Most deaths are because of violence.

For me there is no contest, I surely prefer practising sex than breaking skulls.

And i surely prefer seeing a beutiful naked body than someones guts or brains splattered around.

shawnsl653362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

let me ask you this, if you have kids under the age of 10, would you let them watch porn with you and your wife? EXACTLY, no one in their right mind would. Would you watch the X-Men or the Hulk with them? Exactly, sure why not. I'm going to assume you're single and is living in the basement like most all other freaks out there. There's a reason why sex ed isn't for 3rd graders vs sex ed for freshman/sophomores in high school. Besides no one should be complaining about ethics and whatever in game. There's a RATED scale E ~ M.

Wh15ky3362d ago

Millions of people have died because of sex.

Xelai3362d ago

Dont assume and make exaggerated bias. Comparing porn to Xmen is a bit farfetched. What about comparing SAW to Porkys? I know which one my kids would see earlier in their lives.

Porn and extreme violence both are bad for young kids,but that is not the discussion.

I believe ratings are for something, and a M game is for adults, but in that same context of adults I prefer seeing sex than seeing blown brains, that is the discussion, why it is ok to chainsaw in half someone but there is a big outcry for a naked body.

Motion3362d ago

Your're kind of going to the extreme on one end of the spectrum and not the other there. I'd let a 10y/o watch people kiss on TV, but not porn. And I'd let a 10y/o watch x-men, but not a graphic violent movie with people getting their heads blown off with a ton of blood/gore.

shadow27973362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

I just want to throw in my .02.

But you guys do realize this is digital nudity, right? Is anyone here actually attracted to polygonal nude bodies?

Not that it has anything to do with morals, but I don't see what all the fuss is about. Killing people in video games is fun. Having sex in video games is kinda missing the point.

At least in movies they're real.

PS. ShawnsI65, I had sex ed in 5th grade, when I was_exactly_10.

Tito Jackson3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

And people WONDER why my brother Michael is so screwed up, lol.

Maybe they should hold off until like 7-8th grade. But then again, I know 12 yr olds who are getting preggo now-a-days, so maybe younger is better. Or we could keep an eye on our 11-12 yr old kids, thats a good start. :)

I dont know if sex in-games would really influence people in everyday life. Then again, the Japs have sex and rape games----and condom vending machine, and used panty vending machines in public. now we do have condom machines in mens restrooms, but its still more discreet than a public vending machine.

@velax(below): stroke your wookie? your still doing that? come on, man--me and you are gonna go downtown this weekend and find you something "bang-worthy". First round of drinks are on me! Who's comin with us???

velaxun3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

lolwut? Dude seriously, the ratings and describers are on game boxes for a reason. If you're gonna argue that there shouldn't be nudity in video games because OH NOES A 10 YR OLLLD MITE SEE IHT!!!!!11!!!1!! then you can also argue there shouldn't be nudity in movies, and for god sakes we must clean up the internet!!!!

It's up to parents to pay attention to what their kids are playing/viewing, they are capable of looking at the box and if they see a descriptor that says "full nudity" it is their choice AND responsibility to stop their child from playing.

It's not the responsibility of the masses and creators to censor the creative side for the sake of some children. It's not that hard to monitor your children's activities.

On another note, I was taught Sex Ed when I was in grade 5 as well, 10 years old to be exact. It taught me to understand the consequences and risks involved with having sex and I made the conscious descision to abstain until I was absolutely sure I was ready. It wasn't until I turned 18 that I decided I was ready to take those risks, and I had been watching porn for years already. My point is, seeing sex doesn't make you want to run out and have sex, it makes you want to stroke your wookie.

@above lol I have a girlfriend so I'm good on going downtown. You can still buy me drinks though!

Sibs3362d ago

*sigh* I grew up and had sex-ed during the bush "abstinence only" education era. It was up to me to find out what a vagina was, much less learn anything about STDs. All I pretty much learned in 5th grade Sex Ed was that during puberty your voice gets deeper and you get hairier.

djevolve4203362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

games need to push the envolope
rape in games, no way, I do not agree. sex, hell yea, I have sex with my girl every night, so why should violence that I really don't ever do be better then sex.

I think you need to take the rape part out and stick with the sex, then your article would be a lot better.

however we are held back by christian moms and dads and churches, christians did more rape, more killing then any organization in history.

why do you think when they governed it didn't work, cause the book is complete bull and if it was true why did god let he's time in the sun fail so badly.
or why is it that god is perfection yet sends people to hell, this is not logical cause someone
perfect in any way can fix any thing they want including you .
also results show that violent offenders 9 times out of ten have a damaged frontal cortex( THE FRONTAL CORTEX HELPS YOU TO MAKE DECISION RATER THEN TO BE IMPULSIVE) or a delusional problem.
we are not any better then the life we see around us, yet we think we are, animals don't seem to met in church, non do. so what's the difference, we can make up stories. thats the difference.
stop oppressing the people with your fake story.


Sheikh Yerbouti3362d ago

Everyday we have someone's morality imposed on us. It is call the legal system. All that is left is whether you like/want it or not.

To me "tolerance" is the forcing of secular morality on me, but I'm sure others see it the other way around.

Personally, I'm for freedom of speech. If an adult wants to make/play these games, so be it. Still a rape play game is a bit much. I don't advocate child porn either.

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Gun_Senshi3363d ago

nice pic

its annoy how they jump on games and blame a murder on game when movies like Hostile gets free pass.

ThanatosDMC3363d ago

I've never seen a better manikin!

Yi-Long3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

... and it's really time the videogames-industry grows up and gets mature about it. I've been saying this same thing for many MANY years now.

I remember a discussion at my old place of work (videogame-magazine), where I got into a discussion with someone who loved shooters. I said if they wanted to make those vietnam-shooters a bit 'cooler', more realistic and 'original', they should include young vietnamese kids with guns in that game as your opponents as well. Make them quicker, difficult to hit, maybe give you moral choices, etc etc.

Boy... pretty much the whole office was on my back, that stuff like that shouldn't be in games, that killing kids ain't 'cool', etc etc.
Apparantly, they feel killing adults in games is fine, but kids, disabled people, elderly, pets, whatever... well... that's just 'not done!'(!)

I also vividly remember the discussions on here when I mentioned that it's a shame that there were no children in GTA4, or on other messageboards where I felt sad that Fable didnt give you the freedom it promised to be a baby-murdering bastard.

Now... I'm not saying I hate children or would ever harm them. In fact, I LOVE (most) kids of all ages. However, in games where 'freedom' is kinda promised, you don't want to be 'limited' by that kind of hypocritical censorship. I don't want others to decide what is morally wrong for me to do in a videogame.

I always mention the Chick'nKick'n in Fable. You kick a defenseless chicken around FOR FUN!!! And in the game, it IS actually kinda fun. Not even so much the actual action, but moreso the freedom to do that if and when you like.
Now, does that make me harm animals in real life? Has it changed my view on animals and how much fun it is to harm them!? Hell no. In fact, I can't even bring myself to squash a spider (I usually put them outside). I feed the ducks in my backyard on pretty much a daily basis. I pet every cat that comes near. I LOVE animals. But I also love being able to do some Chick'nKick'n in Fable.

I guess people that don't play games can't understand and thus can't accept the difference between what you do in a game, and how that relates to what you do and how you are in real life. That's a shame, but it will change over time. More and more people grow up with games and see it for what it is: interactive ENTERTAINMENT that allows you opportunities and freedom you don't have in your real life.

The videogame-industry needs to straighten up, and act mature. If a game benefits from sex and violence, it should be included. Developers should stop censoring themselfs, and they should stop accepting that others are trying to censor them!

Timesplitter143363d ago

Oh boy do I understand you! Taken straight outta my mouth.

People always think we're really violent people. I too never kill insects and love animals. They think we're sick because we want to play realistic and believable games, and those same people are the ones supporting wars. What are they thinking? They don't want us to see it because THEY don't like it? They think they know what's better for us? And what if there are child soldiers in games? This s*** happens in many countries around the world. It's not because we don't see it in videogames that it'll suddenly go away. People who encourage censorship are people who prefer closing their eyes rather than facing reality. They wanna live in their perfect little world and think everyone's happy.

Man... I could go on like this forever but I gotta study for my finals.

also lol'd at Chick'nKick'n

Raz3363d ago

That's the bottom line. It's life without the consequences, a chance to unleash your primordial id and really go nuts - in a safe, cathartic way. Blowing the crap out of a bunch of pixels really can be soothing if you're having a bad day. Yes, peaceful games can be relaxing too; but if I'm in a bad mood, I wanna blow something up. I don't want to feel tranquil - I want to indulge in mindless mayhem.

And hey, maybe I'm feeling a little...anxious, if you know what I mean. Sure, I could just log on to and wax the ol' carrot; but sometimes I want a more immersive experience. You know - without all the real life bullsh*t. We're still talking about fantasies, here.

If I ever find a game that'll let me blow up anything AND have sex with anything, (possibly at the same time) I just might fall in love. ..That's the real danger, isn't it? That fantasy will become better than reality, to the point where we won't ever want to return from it.

coolfool3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I know I will get jumped on for this but I don't agree with you. Why should we have killing kids and disabled people be the subject of our pleasure and entertainment? Yes, I am sure these subjects have been touched on in films but how often? It is rare and probably handled with great care when it is touched upon.

If you are such a placid person then why do you even care about the censorship issue? Why do you even want to be able to kill a wider variety of "controversial" things in your games?

If anything, I think the gaming industry gets away with more than movies when it comes to violence. How many movies have the lead running over prostitutes (or any people) just because he wants to drive where people are? If this was in a movie I think it would be slated as violence for violences sake.

However, it is sex in games where I agree that the industry is really behind. We have any sort of sex related theme (Mass Effect?) and there is an outcry as if it is a really controversial subject. This is the area where games industry could really mature.

velaxun3362d ago

I'm sorta neutral towards the child soldiers thing... sure I like a little realism in a game, however sometimes too much can take away from it. If implemented properly then perhaps it could actually work, but sometimes there are things I just don't want to see when I'm playing. To me, I few playing FPSs on the same level as going Paintballing or Airsofting, just mindless fun, I don't really feel the need to be traumatized while trying to relax. But like I said before, if it's implemented properly and the story calls for it, then by all means do it, I would simply choose to avoid whichever title it's in if I don't want to see it.

I'm tired of the zealots trying to control what we can and cannot see/hear/read/experience because they don't like it. Avoiding it won't make the problems disappear, however if they just informed us if there was potentially disturbing content in something we all have our own free will to avoid it. We shouldn't have people dictating our own choices for us.

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Timesplitter143363d ago

In my mind, it's pretty simple : People who are "offended" and complain about stuff are cancers.

They reach the very limits of irresponsibility and selfishness. They are filthy beings that make you feel bad even though you're on the good side. They think they can decide what others should be able to see and what they shouldn't. With all this over-protection, they cause kids to become violent and then they blame video games so they can prove their points. As soon as you try to tell them that people should be allowed to see whatever they wanna see, they come down on you with their hordes of over-protective parents and brainwashed conservative people.

Censorship makes people become retarded and irresponsible. It makes them think they're in a beautiful world and they just have to follow everything the State tells them to do. It's MY moral responsibility to avoid certain things if I think they're unacceptable. Not the State's, not our parents'. Even playing unacceptably violent games isn't immoral. It depends on WHY you play the game.

Games aren't videogames anymore. They're interactive movies. They should be on the exact same level as movies.

Venomish3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I'm sick of this double standard bul**
ok so you don't want people to force their worries and discomfort with certain subject on everyone, fair enough
but what gives you the right to force your views regarding these matters on those people huh
you are basically saying that these people are wrong for assuming that they are right, at the same time you are assuming you are right when you say they are wrong.
at least say this is just my opinion and that is their opinion.
what I understand from your comments is that you guys just want to force your point of view on everyone, just like what you say they are doing to you.
you cant say that censoring ,for example, is wrong , you can say IN MY OPINION censorship is not good. so in this case don't try force your opinion on those who does the censoring , if you make your own stuff feel free not to censor it.

(I'm talking in general not about you personally, Timesplitter14)
in a nutshell (and this is for you Timesplitter14):
what you said in the comment above is JUST YOUR OPINION, so don't make it sound as if you are the one guy in this world who figured out the truth about everything and demand everyone follow your ideals.

Kakkoii3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Wrong Venomish.

It's not about the views. It's about our RIGHTS. We aren't imposing life styles on people. While those people are.

"They" are trying to impose rules on us, of which we aren't aloud to subvert.

"We" don't want any rules. And they can still make up their own personal rules that they can follow freely. And impose on their children, and their children alone.

See the problem here? No personal beliefs should be aloud to be imposed on others. We are not imposing anything, unless you count FREEDOM. That is what makes us RIGHT, and them WRONG. We want freedom, where everyone can have their own respective views. While they want to impose their views on everyone else.

Venomish3363d ago

look Kakkoii, we can argue the whole day without reaching anywhere
for example
you said it is about your RIGHTS
ok, who gave you these rights?? why do you assume you have these rights
maybe there are no such rights, maybe you just think these are your rights
in my opinion society is not trying to go over your "rights" it is just trying to make things organized and working at the optimal level. i am not saying I think it is currently succeeding tho, there is room for improvements

Kakkoii3363d ago

The right to choose what's best for you is what I'm talking about. That is a common right among any creature on this planet. No one has the right to tell you what's best for you and your children. But that is exactly what people in power try to do. And it just not right. Sure we need basic rules for the good of humanity. But those are rules that are embedded in everyone genes. (Don't kill another, don't rape, don't steal, etc..) Because we have feelings, we know those things are wrong. Obviously through life experiences people can become null to those feelings and have reasons leading to their crime. But that's beside the point.

What we are talking about is people trying to impose their own personal views which they feel are essential to themselves. This is exactly the same as the government saying: "It is now illegal to not be a Christian! Since we believe it's the true religion." That just doesn't hold up. You wouldn't want the government imposing religious views on you, so why are you making exceptions for games and other things?

thisguywithhair3363d ago

I just want to say how out of touch this guy seems. With two words he throws his entire credibility out the window, "gaming lables". Does he not know that anyone who is even remotelt offended by anything in video games is because they either haven't read the lables or because they bought it for their kids thinking it is just another toy.

Sheikh Yerbouti3362d ago

Everyday people are forced to follow someone else's beliefs. You say it isn't imposing somebody's lifestyle, but secular society does exactly that.

It tells how to raise our children, what we can eat/smoke, who we can have sex with. If the majority agrees, there appears to be no problem. But still for some it may be oppressive...even wrong morally.

For some societies polygamy and intergenerational intimacy are perfectly okay, but they are demonized in the U.S. even by secular standards. Still we force this 'morality' on orthodox Mormons.

Venomish is can't make these argument without being complete hypocrites down the line.

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Timesplitter143363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

srsly, me too

Let's go live in an underwater libertarian city and never hear of this outside world again.

Kakkoii3363d ago

Yeah, I dream of a little country where the government is made up of their best Scientist's and Psychologists. People working towards a self sustaining future, not run by greedy corporations. A country that takes a more hands on and interesting approach to schooling, not the sh!tty system we have now. A country where organized religion is finally dead. A utopia of technology, a dream city.

I wish I had billions of dollars so I could buy an island and start that kind of country lol.

Nikuma3363d ago

...we can still get the latest video games n such right? I could play the TON of games I have backlogged, but I still wanna be able to play newer games too! :P

Timesplitter143363d ago

guys, this is exactly what we're looking for. Read on. They wanna try new, less restrictive forms of government on that thing

Kakkoii3363d ago

The Venus Project is another big one, that's been around for a lot longer.


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