Interview with Kellee Santiago of ThatGameCompany

I (Killa-Indian) recently sat down and got a chance to interview Kellee Santiago, President of ThatGameCompany. She played a big role in making Flow, Flower, and Cloud. I am sure most of you guys heard or tried those games. Flower is an amazing PSN game and was released a couple months ago. The game is a super hit just like Flow. Find out the history of the TGC, how Flower was pollinated, how Flow was created, and much much more.



Re-uploaded the whole interview. Now music is a little softer.

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voodoo3413392d ago

That background music is painful to listen to and almost totally ruins the interview. Sounds like it was recorded in a lift with a bad speaker. Anyway, nice to know they're working on their next PSN game but I'd also like some DLC for Flower as well.

killa-indian3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

is it really that bad. I tried to put some nice music in the background, I thought it was perfectly fine music. The only thing I know is that it is a little too loud. The only reason I made it a little loud is because if I didn't you would hear lots of white noise, which does not sound good at all.

Ohh I did not record it through a bad speaker. I think you may have a problem with your speakers. I know that it is not so loud that you can't listen to the interview. I made sure of that.

Update, I know where it may be too loud. I used a beat that had a heavy bass. All you have to do is lower your bass.