Unjustifiably Overlooked: PoPoLoCrois

Gamer Limit writes "Recession left the ol' wallet feeling somewhat barron? Fear not, for 'tis time for another mosey down memory-loss lane and another peep at one of those lonely titles that time prematurely forgot."

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Dimly3362d ago

This graphics actually remind me of Landstalker. Looks awesome!

40cal3362d ago

Wow, I thought that I was the only one who had played this.

I think this came out in the second year of PSP games, very solid RPG.

chrisjc3362d ago

That's heartbreaking that no one has heard of this awesome looking game.

SkankinGarbage3362d ago

I'm def remembering this when I get a PSP.

CotieD3362d ago

I never finished it.. but it was pretty entertaining none the less. I wasn't a big fan of the fair amount of loading the game had to do. But I didn't expect much from an early PSP title.

Loved the artwork though and simplistic battlesystem :)

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