Is Apple Secretly Planning a Video Game Console?

PS3 Informer writes:

"Cuppertino, California based Apple Corporation has been making some quiet moves that suggest a growing interest in the video game console market. Two recent hires from chip-maker AMD suggest that the company is acquiring the know-how needed to enter the home console space. The company recently grabbed Bob Drebin, who is most well known for having designed the internal graphics hardware in the Nintendo GameCube (the same tech was later enhanced and re-used in the Wii). This week, it was announced that Apple has also poached Richard Teversham, head of video game strategy for Microsoft. What on Earth does Apple need with a console strategy whiz and two graphics chip eggheads, unless it is planning to release some gaming hardware of its own?"

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clinker3362d ago

I would say that there is more of a chance of an Apple console than a new Sega machine at this point. Many people don't realize that Apple is sitting on more than $24 Billion cash in hand. They could buy EA completely and still have change left over for Take Two.

Blaze9293362d ago

So they can come out with a new model every year?

RememberThe3573362d ago

I'm seriously not looking forward to this. I do not like Apple products...

Bnet3433361d ago

It'd probably cost over $599. You know what Apple likes ... buttrape it's consumers by overpricing their products.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3361d ago

But if they have watched the videogame market closely and learned anything about it, then they might have a chance.

DeadlyFire3361d ago

Apple isn't going to just jump into the market release a new version of a console every year if they do make one. They would be instant failure. Did you think Microsoft was going to do that when they jumped into the console market. No not at all. What sense would it make for Apple to do it. If anything they will conform to the unwritten 5/10 year plan of Sony/Microsoft.

Price point will not exceed $600. If anything Sony and the rest of us have learned that $600 is too high.

Would Apple enter console market as mainstream competitor like PC, X360 and PS3 or as Casual competitor like the Wii? Either way its likely to debut with or after next consoles. Timing means alot to gamers if too far ahead or behind they could be in trouble with it.

Apple would own rights to NFL, Nascar and any other exclusive deals EA bought. Not likely that Apple would keep them though. Its more than likely that Microsoft and Sony would be all over them to break off these exclusive deals.

EA Owns rights to how many games. Certainly not all of them or even the best caliber of games on the market, but plenty of games. More than enough series to start a console with even. Just to name a few series. Mass Effect, Dead Space, Army of Two, FIFA, Need for Speed, Command & Conquer, Medal of Honor, BLACK, Simcity, Sims, Spore, Burnout, Mirror's Edge, Madden, Alpha Protocol, and others.

I think Apple in the market would be an amazing concept and it would push console makers even further as more heated competition would be on the market than ever since EA itself holds a big chunk of the console market. Take it away and what is left for sports games? A big opportunity really for them as most of them were locked under exclusive deals with EA for so long. There are still some great ones coming up to compete with EA though now that many deals are off, but they have kept the NFL license.

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SinnedNogara3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

If that happened, all the iPods and anything with the apple logo on it would be removed from MGS4 from a patch. :). OK, I'm kidding.

I wonder where they would get exclusive content. If they bought EA, everything EA ever published would be a Apple exclusive.

Just imagine:

Coming This Holiday Season.......the iBox.

dogmeat eater3362d ago

It would be a perfect 2nd for my console choice. Apple makes good hardware that looks sleek and can with stand a lifetime.

aceitman3362d ago

and it will cost the same as low end mac 1000 dollars

ps3d03361d ago

Apple is going to bring back the greatest system of all time the Pippin I cant wait

MoneyMarko3362d ago

An apple console would certainly look sexy....

Timesplitter143362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Yeah ok. It'll LOOK good, but the games will be poo. When it comes to Apple products, the look is all that matters.

Apple never was related to gaming and never cared about it. They think it's for geeks. An Apple console can't be good. It'll be as casual as casual can be

deshon093362d ago

can any one say Ngage that what this reminds me of the next great console oops we meant ahhh never mind it sucks lol

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