ChickHEN Homebrew Compatibility List

PSP World writes:

"We reported yesterday that the PSP-3000 has been unlocked for homebrew applications (but no ISO pirate games). What does that mean? Well, thanks to the ChickHEN homebrew enabler, PSP owners can enjoy some of the interesting programs created for the handheld by independent programmers. There are many useful tools, applications, emulators and games that have been created over the past several years."

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clinker3305d ago

Sweet, it's nice to see DOOM and all the major emulators on there.

Theoneneo813305d ago

Agreed im loading up my 4 gig mem stick with snes roms :)

jay23305d ago

I wonder how close they are to hacking the ISO's, not that I suppoer piracy of any kind, it's good to see just how far people had to goto get ISO's working.

clinker3305d ago

I get the impression that they could load ISOs right now if they wanted to, but these hackers are anti-piracy and have blocked the necessary calls to run PSX or ISO backups.

Rock Bottom3305d ago

Now that it's hacked, it's a matter of a decent programmer with enough free time to program an ISO loader. The guy who hacked it could have done it himself, but he's one of those anti piracy guys.