Review Busters: Demon's Souls Review

Review Busters writes: "I will not lie; Demon's Souls is a brutally hard game. Beating the game will require numerous deaths and a lot of grinding. However, if the gameplay wasn't as good as it is, I probably would have given up on it a loooong time ago. If you can wait for it and don't mind paying $80+ for a great Action RPG, then by all means, try to find a copy (remember english speakers, look for the Asian Version)".

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interrergator3390d ago

software sucks at making ninja games but not rpgs they might as well stick with it

Ryo-Hazuki3390d ago

I got my copy few days ago....this game is really good. As of right now, its my personal game of the year. It has a old school hardcore feel to it in which i love so much.

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Ryo-Hazuki3390d ago

@ 2.3

Yeah Killzone 2 (fav FPS) is amazing, you cant go wrong with both games. But I'll take a great 3rd person game over any fps any day.

I got my copy from had to wait for a month to get my copy cause its on backorder everywhere

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