Vans SK8: Pool Service Gets Updated, Now On Sale writes:

"There is nothing better than when a developer listens to what their fans have to say, and developer Fuel Games has done just that with their most recent update to Vans SK8: Pool Service for the iPhone.

In Vans SK8: Pool Service you get to play as Bucky Lasek or Omar Hassan. You can compete in 10 different events with 20 different board designs from official brands like Black Label and Element. The game also features some pretty rockin' tunes from The Methadones, Penuckle, Base 9, and Slowride. Sounds like a blast, right? Well, some people have had a few complaints about the controls, saying that they were somewhat unresponsive. Fuel Games listened to those complaints, and they have hopefully fixed the control issues with their most recent 1.1 update."

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