US PlayStation Store Update (05/07/09)

PlayStation.Blog writes: "Hey, everyone. It's time again for the weekly PlayStation Store update.

If you have yet to purchase Savage Moon, take this week's new demo for a spin for some great tower-defense action!

Think you can survive the horror of the "vanished village?" Siren Blood: Curse is now on sale for a limited time to celebrate the launch of the new Home space. Get the game now for $29.99 (reg. price: $39.99), with bundles priced at $10.99 each (reg. price: $14.99 each). But hurry, these prices only last for two weeks!"

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skynidas3363d ago

Excellent update, a lot of PS1 games, a PSN game, two demos, lots of trailers, a price cut to a great game.

Great work Sony.

WildArmed3363d ago

that inFamous demo xD
I wanna play it lol
I'll get over it in 3 weeks

TheHater3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I am playing it right now :) Base on the demo, it is probable going to be my favorite game release this generation so far, excluding MGS4 for course because that game is special.

ExcelKnight3363d ago

I'm already nabbing R-Type Delta and Spyro 2 as we speak. Qore as well, since it's my usual subscription.

GiantEnemyCrab3363d ago

The Hater: Really?? I couldn't take all the infamous talk so I am downloading the demo now to see for myself. Seems like everyone on N4G is really liking it. So I will have Infamous day one(sorry Prototype but you need a demo too).

ToastyMcNibbles3363d ago

all this infamous talk is making me go nuts! if anyone has access to the demo can you be so kind as to share it with good ol toastman lol

TheHater3363d ago

yes probable. Base on what I played I am liking this game on the same level as Uncharted. Depending on the full game, this might just become my favorite next generation game until WKC or God of War 3 is release.

I_am_rushin3363d ago

Shouldn't PS1 games now include trophies since they are mandatory on retail and etail games?

Szarky3363d ago

hahah guy above me, probably one of the dumbest comments I have read on N4G (minus all the usual fanboy talk).

DrWan3363d ago

did you finally got a PS3? I remember last year this time, u were bashing the machine oil out of the PS3.

BWS19823363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I was thinking the same thing when he said something else related to owning a PS3 (legit ownership, not "fanboy ownership")....seems Crab became a real gamer (by owning and playing "games" not brands), more than he was last year, at least. I remember rolling my eyes every time he posted, no different than POG and them. I hope he drifts further towards rational mindsets (not due to his Playstation gaming, but trying ALL games, regardless of platform).

To any who haven't played it, I loved Savage Moon myself, if they came out with a mapmaker/mission maker and some AI tweaking in an update, it might be my fav PSN game. As is though, totally worth the $10.

cryymoar3363d ago

dude that infamous demo is freaking SWEET!
it's so much fun, and i spent about an hour and a half on it before i completed it.

themyk3362d ago

i love how you can climb on everything. and grind on the wires. it's so sick. THIS GAME IS SOO SICK. i feel like the demo well keep me busy for soo long. i love that power drop thing to. i love climbing up a building and waiting for a group of people to gather and just power dropping in the middle of everyone. or dropping about 10 electro grenades in a crowd. the melee combos are sick as well. man uncharted has to be super good to beat this game. and this is coming from a massive uncharted fan. dude between uncharted and infamous. i'm going to be such a happy gamer this year. this might have one of the best replayability of a single player game i've seen in a long time. play good then play bad. you playthrough where you play bad is going to be tuff. having to deal with the baddies and the civilians out to get you. i can't wait. i haven't been this giddy for a game in quite some time. after playing the demo i'm more excited for this than i was for killzone2.

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callahan093363d ago

Awesome. Savage Moon demo. Now I get to try it out and see if I want to buy it.

callahan093363d ago

What's with the disagrees?

I always had an interest in Savage Moon, but never got around to buying it. Now there's a demo, so I'm excited to play it. If I really, really like it, then I'll buy it as soon as possible.

Serjikal_Strike3363d ago

now i can try out the x-men wolverine demo....

would of loved a inFamous demo:(

3363d ago
Serjikal_Strike3363d ago

still 2 weeks for demo tho:(

ToastyMcNibbles3363d ago

nice update...i would ask this question on the blog itself but i have problems logging into it...this is probably a dumb question but if i pay the annual subscription of qore does that mean its just for the the current episodes or will this subscription be for a brand new year of qore episodes?

ExcelKnight3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

It's a new year, starting from the current episode. Past episodes won't be unlocked for download.

3363d ago
ToastyMcNibbles3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

bubbles..thanks a lot a dumbass i payed for each episode separate for a whole year so this time i'm going to just pay for the subscription

3363d ago
ToastyMcNibbles3363d ago

qore is definitely great and im looking forward to seeing what else they offer for this new year...hopefully they can improve on the whole exclusive demos and stuff and have them ready the day the episode goes up instead of having to wait a week or 2 weeks to play it but other than that i enjoy qore

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