Ratchet & Clank Future : A Crack In Time E3 Demo Level

Hey there,
I was checking my friends list on the PSN and I saw an Insomniac Games dev (whose name will be kept quiet) playing the next Ratchet & Clank game, and so I found out about the name of the level that will be playable (supposedly) at E3 this year : Krell Canyon.
Nothing big, but always good news for the fans out there.

PS : Links to the translated version, but it isn't very good. I could translate it myself but there's not much to say.

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cmrbe3209d ago

RC CIT will be the 4th IG game in my PS3 collection this gen. First day buy.

sunnygrg3209d ago

I know, right?

There is Insomniac, and then there is Square Enix, whose game I have yet to play. Well besides the demo.

zoneofenders3209d ago

well you can buy 007 jp version if you want.... it has been published by technically a SE game lol

ShiNe-Box-3208d ago

It should be ur fifth =D

cmrbe3208d ago

I have both Resistance and 1 RC TOD. Which PS3 IG i am missing?.

ShiNe-Box-3208d ago

The downloadable expansion thingy.. RC Quest for Booty.

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tezzer19853209d ago

N4G, let anyone post crap, WOW..Krell Canyon that's sounds like the best news ever..and R&C to be shown at E3 didn't see that coming.

GameGambits3209d ago

Come on there's no proof what this guy is saying. How does crap like this get approved? Does Hiphoptardflamergamerdumbdumbd oodoopants run this site and his mentally handicapped site at once?

JaKhris3208d ago

My proof is in the "Story images" section, if you care to check, with photos to back my story up. Why would I lie...?

TwistedMetal3208d ago

also guess what!! freaking trophys and even better graphics and possibly online is freaking ownage.

JaKhris3208d ago

To answer to #2 &#3, I'm SORRY, just thought the fans out there might appreciate this kind of news...

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