Gaming Union: Velvet Assassin Review

Gaming Union writes "We've seen many World War II games in the past, but the majority have focused more on mass conflict and non-stop action. Velvet Assassin proposes a completely new take on the era, as instead of going in all guns blazing, the idea is to be discreet and stay in the shadows.

This genre is of course very niche, with Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell being the two most prominent examples. The question is, does Velvet Assassin have what it takes to sneak its way to success, or will it just sink away into the shadows never to be seen again?"

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Selyah3242d ago

Lot of the points made seem rather fair. From the small experience I had with it myself most of what has been mentioned was quite apparent to me too.

Sky Zero3242d ago

This game is horrible.

Devs that make a game exclusive and don't take time do not deserve respect or game sales.

mephman3242d ago

Yea, it's kinda baffling why they made it an exclusive to be honest.

ShawnCollier3242d ago

I was never much of a fan of these types of games, but it sounds downright awful from what I read in the review.