You Want Overrated? I Give You Halo

Kombo Writes: "Since we have started talking about overrated games, let's talk about the biggest and most grotesquely overrated game and now franchise of our time: Halo. When Halo released on the Xbox back in 2001, it was praised as the Messiah of the Xbox, and it quickly became the "best" FPS ever made. For that time period, Halo was the best FPS on the home console market. Is Halo a good shooter? Yes, it is, but it's not the greatest FPS now or was it back when it first released."

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s8anicslayer3301d ago

This will reach 1000 degrees very fast!

Th3 Chr0nic3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

yep kotaku must be low on hits today

but i will say Halflife as well as Halflife 2 are classics that every FPS fan should play.
I can remmeber playing halflife 1 on PC way back and i still have vivid memories of it. The AI at the time was really good and it was the first time i ever had an AI opponent throw one of my nades back at me lol. i still remember the scene like it was yesterday but that had to be at least 10 years ago if not more.
I finished Hafllife 2 on PC and then finished ep1-2 on 360 as well as portal (cake!!)

borgome3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Due to all of the jealous sony fanboys scurrying over to try and bash the most legendary video game series of all time.

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TheBand1t3301d ago

Okay. I just compared LittleBigPlanet and MGS2: SoL, MGS4: GotP. And the only one that tops those is Halo: CE, which makes sense since Halo: CE was, for it's time, a very good console FPS.

OmarJA3301d ago

Nothing new, we already know that...

"Due to all of the jealous sony fanboys scurrying over to try and bash the most legendary video game series of all time."

Sorry there are many many series far better & more legendary than Halo, i guess you were born yesterday eh ?

callahan093301d ago


Well, uh... the whole idea behind over-rated is that the scores are higher than it deserves. I'm not agreeing that Halo is overrated, I'm just saying. So its metascore being high is precisely the point when trying to speak of it being "overrated."

bbblockbird3301d ago

bout time sum1 said it halo is an average game but 3 sh!Ty fanboys sware its the best fps n to them i say duck hunt is the best fps

Parapraxis3301d ago

@ Th3 Chr0nic, you obviously didn't read the article.
This story isn't from Kotaku.

BattleAxe3301d ago

This is a very well written article, and very very interesting to. Its so true that marketing can pull the wool over alot of peoples eyes.

ukilnme3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )


It's also nothing new that all the Halo haters would come swarming in. We already knew that too.

Trebius3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )


You my friend...are the very representation of a modern day "gamer".
Sorry to make an example out of you but your statement left you open for heavy criticism...

To call this Halo series...Legendary...and greatest of all You were probably 13 or 14 when it was released...and the heavy advertising made you worship him...theyve warped your poor little brain for life...

The "Real" gamers, did not start gaming with the Xbox and PS1, like you little boys that think you're gamers but you're really just started playing with Halo, and were never able to appreciate games on Atari...then on NES....SNES...Genesis...seeing the evolution of gaming first hand.

The Halo Generation (the ones that live by it, and worship it) is deranged and delusional, maybe it was the mountain dew.

I didnt say the game isnt great, it's definitely a good game...but if you think about it, if M$ could've gotten babies to cry for Halo, they would've done it.

pixelsword3301d ago

1. They insult Halo without giving any real reason to insult it.

2. They try to pin Halo 2's shortcomings on the original Halo.

3. The comment "Killzone just hasn't found itself, yet. It has great graphics and solid gameplay, but it lacks its own unique identity". Is one of the most impotent I've heard from a gaming site in ages. Say the word "Helghast" and almost immediately images of orange-eyed demons appear in your head; deny it all you want, you know you saw them.

4. Half-Life was a great game, but to call it the greatest is also a little... burdensome to the game's legacy.

Sheddi3301d ago

OffT: Ahh i remember the Sega genesis days.
Does anyone else remember a game called "Combat Cars"?

OnT: I tried Halo on PC and it wasn't extraordinary or something.
It wasn't bad though either, I liked the flying things and cars :P

Information Minister3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

You might want to leave your basement once in a while and smell the fresh air of the real world, because Halo is not "the most legendary video game series of all time". Not even close!

And yeah... the "jealous sony fanboys" will be all over this, because there's just no chance in hell we'll spot an angry Halo fanboy or two right? Oh wait, I think you answered my question before I asked it.

BTW, I've said it before and I'll say it again: opinion blog posts aren't news and don't belong here.

JokesOnYou3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Honestly he really didn't give any reasons why Halo is over-rated, he just seems to think Half-Life didn't get the recognition it deserved.

-I think this guy nailed it:

"I think Halo set the bar for 1st Person shooters on consoles. Just like Goldeneye did before it. Until a shooter can bring another level to the genre. Other then more people online, and better graphics it will remain king. By the way I don't even play 1st person shooters, but I know the impact it has had on the industry." -TheWon

-Shooters are my favorite, I have played them ALL and the original Halo CE is the most memorable shooter I've ever played so for me, yes its the best ever, Halo2 & Halo3 may not be the best FPS ever but for me and millions others they are definitely among the elite shooters. In the end at this point its a useless debate because Halo 1,2 and 3 have already solidified its success in gaming history fans like me won't think any less of Halo because some guy on a blog says its over-rated. I honestly believe like with anything in life thats very popular some of the negativity is truly nothing more than a difference in tastes,(thats fine) while alot of it is just plain old jealousy. I respect anybodys opinion who doesn't think its the best ever, but really that has no effect on what Halo has meant to the genre on consoles.


Trebius3301d ago

I think everyone can agree on that. Very well put.

gaffyh3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Lol flamebait article. It is true in one respect, Halo is not as good as the hype, but it is still a pretty good game.

I have played some of Halo 1 and 2, and I finished Halo 3, and I wouldn't call myself a halo fan. The only reason I finished Halo 3 was really to see what the hype was about, but when I played through it, it was quite obvious that the original Halo had a much better story (even though I gave up on that after a few hours).

The main thing I hate about halo is the stupid little triangle-shaped enemies. If they didn't have them, the game would be a lot better, those things are really annoying. Also it's a little bit too colourful, like Resistance 2, Resistance 1 was better by design.

EDIT: just needed to add IMO

s8anicslayer3301d ago

I just want to know, no matter how one may feel about halo or any other game for that matter, how is success over-rated, and if halo is so over-rated why are there multitudes of people around the world that devour anything halo? I think the article should be why is Halo over-saturated

JasonPC360PS3Wii3301d ago

10 million gamers would disagree

vhero3301d ago

Halo has and always be massively over rated as its the MS game to make there console shine that isn't really there. I'm not saying its not a good FPS but its not the best by far. The best console FPS has to be timesplitters series even with no online play. It had everything! Fully customizable and great fun to boot and best of all no 8 year old kids screaming yo mama jokes when they kill you which degrades any game IMO. The best FPS of all time for any system in terms of sales and amount of games played online is Half Life and its mods TFC/TFC2/CS/Source etc.... if you disagree with that your an idiot millions of people still play CS and TFC every day and have while Halo was just an idea in Bungies head.

GameGambits3301d ago

Halo is successful. People need to deal with it. It did enough right at the right time and was backed up in the right way.

I personally got my 360 because the Halo 3 commercials were so well done and I felt I was missing out big time as a gamer by not having a console to play it on ASAP. The marketing team did a great job, and while the game wasn't my cup of tea for more than a month it was still a sound purchase.

People don't get we are never going to agree on what the best game is or which ones are the bomb. It's because videogames at the end of the day are ART, but it's a form of art we can judge the canvas it was made on. If you make a broken game(the canvas), then the final product(art) will be noted and recognized as crap by most.

Games are entertainment and not much different from Monopoly, Clue, Candyland, etc. It's a game at the end of the day and you'll like different ones more for your own tastes.

Halo over praised? Nope it gets just what it earned through the means it did. Marketing, developing, and releasing when it has. Success is more than just a matter of looking back 2 years later and wondering why you aren't playing it anymore or you enjoy something more now. It's because times change and most people do with it.

Articles like this are so unintelligent and need to have heat seeking missles auto lock and shoot at their writers the second they are written.

Eddie201013301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

The Halo games are great games, are they legendary? no, not as a series of games. The first Halo or Halo Ce was the only one deserving of it's high scores, not a perfect score, because there is no such thing as a perfect game. Halo 2 and 3 had week single player that was kinda short, but had very good multi-player. Graphically Halo 3 is just slightly better than the previous Xbox Halo games and was also kinda short. If I were scoring the games I would score the first game a 9 to 9.5, the second and third games I would Score an 8.5 to 9. So basically Halo or Halo CE was the only triple A tittle out of the three for me.

TheRealSpy023301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

the article concludes with half life not getting the recognition it deserves. are you kidding me? almost every gamer i know considers the half life series to be the great FPS games ever made. which they are.

the only reason console games get more credit is because most websites cater to console gaming more than pc gaming. but lets be real here. there is a very clear division between console gaming and pc gaming...especially when it comes to FPS.

the reason why halo gets, and deserves, the credit it gets is because before halo, FPS on console was taboo. it was an unsuccessful medium for FPS to appear on. there were a couple notable shooters before halo like goldeneye and turok. but think about the controls. using those C-buttons to look around or move. you had to be a pretty hard core N64er to be a good FPS player. and aside from that, there really was nothing (though i do remember playing doom on super nintendo and Descent on PS1). nobody will ever argue halo 1 had amazing graphics or even original ideas. it simply successfully relocated the genre to console because it was fun to play.

ppl who try to tear it down are probably anti MS and forget exactly what it deserves credit for.

FlameBaitGod3301d ago

People make halo look awesome because its the only FPS exclusive they have and make it a Big Deal, and since almost every 1 that buys a 360 will get halo, friends play 2gether and enjoy it. But its nothing of a legend

Rainstorm813301d ago

Halo 1 did something great it brought FPS games to the mainstream (sorry goldeneye 64 and Perfect dark) it was fun it was co-op and the multiplayer was the most balanced of all the Halo games.

Because of this Halo 2 was highly anticipated to me i read article after article and preview after preview. They named so many things that would be in Halo 2...... I think 2 things made it the dual weilding and the plasma sword.....NOT the 4-5 new vehicles...NOT all the new weapons they proclaimed....NOT the new gameplay elements as Elites take real time cover and climb walls...... Halo 2 was a shadow of Halo CE..... ending the game as the Arbitor I mean WTF

Halo 3 was dubbed Halo 2.5 because there wasnt a graphical boost by that much( ie KZ1 & KZ2 or Unreal Tournament to Gears) They finally added the features that were supposed to be in Halo 2, other than that all you heard was "FINISH THE FIGHT" Not to mention it got OWNED by COD4 on XBL.

Once they started going the EA sports route and not giving more bang for my buck each time I lost interest. Halo is a great series for MS but not its not the G.O.A.T.

Madden is they most popular sports game it the best?...not IMO and ive been playing madden since SNES.
BTW I support PS3 but I play everything

Popularity =/= Greatness

rant over.....I return you to your regular programmed fanboy nonsense

NickIni3301d ago

I don't dislike Halo, but I agree it is incredibly over rated, good, no doubt, but not "the messiah of FPS". Claiming to be a messiah is punishable by crucifixion you know.

Legend of Zelda is probably my all time favourite.

Thugbot1873301d ago

Fanboy article for Half-Life. He had some good point here and there but I didn't agree with everything he said. Half-Life wasn't the best FPS ever, the free mod made by some people in there free time Counter Strike was so much better and so many people played it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

The game still commands a $40 price tag, still sells well and it is probably the largest community of gamers on one console. I say there is nothing overrated about the game with so many gamers playing this game and continuing to buy it.

It is not the end all be all game, but it certainly was a great game in a balanced and complete package.

Go ahead, hit the disagree button and it will only show the bias from the fanbois here.

kevnb3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Halo is a good game that not everybody likes. Sometimes opinions of others are valid, you cant just tell 8 million people the game they love sucks because you don't like it. Heck I love Halo, and Ive been playing fps games since wolfenstein 3d, so dont give me any "only casuals like Halo" bs.

godofthunder103301d ago

I agree and disagree with him.I'll agree that right now halo isn't the best FPS we have now.On the other hand to say that it never was even when halo 1st came out is just a bias remark.People could say what they wont.Halo put FPS on the map.Before halo FPS wasn't as popular as they are now.Hell i have a 360 and i'm not that crazy over halo.Unlike ps3 fanboys i'm not bias.Anyone could tell the impact that the 1st Halo had over FPS.To say that all 3 parts are overrated is just a bias remark .
I bet this guy thinks that R 1&2 & MGS4 was underrated.When it comes to R 1&2 it's a great game.When it comes to MGS4 it's just an over hyped game like halo 3 was and that's a fact.I'm tired of hearing ps3 fanboys cry and claim that a 360 game is overrated and vice vesa.I'll agree with ps3 fanboys that halo 3 was over hyped because i'm not a childish fanboy.To claim that MGS4 wasn't is just a bias remark.The fact is that MGS4 is more of a movie then anything else.On top of that it didn't even bring anything new into to games.Fanboys need to face reality.The fact is that not only does the 360 have games that's over hyped but the ps3 does to and that's a fact.Instead of trying to trash 1 system i like to know why they are not playing a game on the system they have.If it's as great as they claim then they would be playing it instead of trying to trash the other system.
I've read an article the other day where they had a fanboy claiming that the wii is 1st,the ps3 is 2nd and the 360 is 3rd when it comes to consoles sold.You could tell that he's just a ps3 fanboy.The fact is that the 360 have almost 8 million more units sold then the ps3.I'm not saying the ps3 wont catch up,it might.The fact is that as of right now his remark isn't true.The truth is that it's the wii 1st,the 360 2nd and the ps3 3rd and that's a fact.

Psycho_Mantis3301d ago

It will be OVER 9,000!!!!!!

indysurfn3300d ago

Just one! Because this game has proof of being the most played in online matches and hours. Month after month! Not so with ANY PS3 game any ps2 game any wii game or any other xbox360 game including Call of Duty 4! When a game is over rated people quickly stop playing it. But this game keeps setting records WELL after it sold!

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farhsa20083301d ago

damn...took the words right out of my mouth, it brings nothing new to the table and graphcially it aint even that good to look at.

edgeofblade3301d ago

It's clear people will set their own criteria for a good game so they can twist and squirm their way into whatever their religious-faith fanboyism tells them to believe.

I never saw how a game being overrated was supposed to diminish the experience of people who didn't even play it in the first place. If you don't like it, it's not like anyone is forcing you to play it.

But at the same time, the fact that people like it is the self-evident proof. It's a good game series, just like all the other popular shooters.

Bubble Buddy3301d ago

farhsa2008: damn...took the words right out of my mouth, it brings nothing new to the table and graphcially it aint even that good to look at.

silverchode: but still fun to play

Silver, You should TELL THAT to the reviewers when they review games. Not every game has to reinvent the wheel. They just have to make the wheel spin well.

Hallucinate3301d ago

doesnt have to bring anything new to the table... and like 8million people dissagre with you..but it is definitly overrated

Man_of_the_year3301d ago

I don't recall ever playing ANY Halo game that put me to sleep...however i do remember MGS4 putting me to sleep in some scenes...To me that "game" was highly over-rated.

Deadman643301d ago

lol why can the sony fanboys not accept Halo's success and it has brought plenty new to the table. Near perfect gameplay, theater, matchmaking, party system, screenshots, Forge, i'm sorry but you dont get anything like this on a console, and I doubt an PC game comes with all this things. (May be incorrect on the PC comment)

Major_Tom3301d ago

Why can't you accept that some people have different opinions than you do. Not everyone is going to like Halo.

Man_of_the_year3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I agree with you Tom. everyone does have their own opinion. But seriously...out of all the over hyped games that have come out this you really think HALO 3 is the most over hyped game? I mean, it had a lot of money put into marketing but reviews accross the board in the gaming industry have pretty much agreed that it is a game well worth the money and reputaion. Now if it was competely HYPED and received poor reviews, then ya i could say that it was an over hyped game...or if people just didn't care about it and didn't buy it then ya i would say it was an over hyped game as More money was put into advertising the game than it actually returned.

Basically...-sales and/or -reviews + large marketing/advertising (including internet fanboy Hype) = Over Hyped

or +sales and/or +reviews + Large Marketing/Advertising (including internet fanboy hype) =/= Over Hyped.

I hope this formula is understandable to some of you guys...

Deadman643300d ago

Tom thats fine. Honestly. But please note I said success. The Halo Trilogy was a huge success.

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Shaka2K63301d ago

If Halo was on the PS2 from the start it wouldn't be anywhere near as popular as it is now. It would have just been another decent game in a sea of decent to great games. But since it was on the Xbox, and there weren't too many good games on it, It has become the most overhyped game in history!!!

Sky Zero3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Vehicles, Movie Editors, ranking system, customizable character look, quick and easy matchmaking, several game types, Forge (level creation).

Halo3 came out in 2007 and still no console FPS has matched its features FACT.

People are filled with hate because of Halo's success and can't face the fact that even to this day no FPS on the market has topped it's features and over all pull in the console gaming market.

I laugh when people try to knock it but they can't stop it as if there words will change a thing.

Counter Strike Source isn't the best of FPS's in terms of features but the community that plays it that invest time and become CREATIVE with the title is what makes it still a PC champ.

It takes a great game in order for you to use your MIND to make it better.

That is Halo.

And if you think for a second that every person that plays Halo is stupid or 12 your an is not the most played XBL game for a reason so simple that only a dumbass could think of.

So if Halo3 is overrated how come there are no other games that have matched or surpassed its features?

Lord Xire3301d ago


See your a Wildstar fan too.

mario8883301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

You can talk all day about how great halo is but it will never appeal to a hardcore old school gamer like myself.

Here a Fact for you:

Halo has Auto Aim assist which has evolved from full Auto Aim Lock on.
Helps average players paly the game better but screws players who want something more challenging.

I don't consider racing around maps to see who can grab the best weapons a challenge or getting runned over by noob in a vehicle fun.

Fact: Noob games like Halo, Gears and COD will always Appeal to a larger demograhic and Games like Killzone require alot of skill to play.

Gaming is Indeed changing.


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3301d ago
iHEARTboobs3301d ago

I would have to agree with you that Halo 3 hasn't been matched in terms of features. I give major props to Bungie for the support they have given to the game. It's not my favorite FPS but at the very least it's solid with great features.

As for Killzone, I think like most games, it does require skill to be good. But I don't think those two games should be compared because they're different play styles.

UnwanteDreamz3301d ago

Yep because its on XBOX. Wouldn't be the most played if it was on PSN. BTW the only thing Halo has that UT3 didn't was a movie editor. You can even play as Master Chief if you got the PS3 or PC version. Truth is if you havent played the first one you missed the boat and Halo will not be enough for you to be a crazed fan about it. Guess it aint that good.

TheSadTruth3301d ago

"Vehicles, Movie Editors, ranking system, customizable character look, quick and easy matchmaking, several game types, Forge (level creation).

Halo3 came out in 2007 and still no console FPS has matched its features FACT. "

I'm a huge fanboy and you're right, almost no game in existence can match Halo's extensive features or options. Where Halo 3 falls short is it's gameplay, graphics and single player.

I'm not going to write a massive essay but basically:

Gameplay: Massively degraded from Halo 2, the maps that shipped with the title were also massively mediocre compared to those of Halo 1 or 2.

Graphics: Let's be honest, with as much money as Microsoft throws at Bungie, Bungie failed horribly graphically and didn't push the system as far as it could go. Look at Halo 2 on the Xbox in comparison.

Single Player: A big stinky turd. It's amazing they can't get a good single player story going when they've crafted such an amazing universe. Apparently the books are excellent, but Halo 3 picked off where Halo 2 left off, a completely terrible campaign.

Perjoss3301d ago

Not a big halo fan myself, I have played all 3 games but only because my cousin practically forced me to as he is a halo nut. Single player wise I think it is a bit over rated.

I see a good story in there but VERY badly told, combat vs flood is just not fun (running backwards in a FPS away from targets while trying to shoot them and bumping into parts of the level is a no no)

Having said all that, I'm still waiting for a game to come out with matchmaking as good as the matchmaking in Halo games. You can log onto halo 3 right now and be matched up with people of similar skill levels and actually have a fun game. Many games have claimed to do this but FAILED.

Most other online FPS if you log on for the first time after the game has been out for over a year you will get your arse handed to you by people that are much much better than you.

Jager3301d ago

Vehicles, Halo
Movie Editors, Halo
ranking system, Socom started this
customizable character look, Socom
quick and easy matchmaking, Socom
several game types, Socom (for console online)
Forge (level creation) Halo

love this quote btw, just screams ur ignorance

"Halo3 came out in 2007 and still no console FPS has matched its features FACT."

most of the features you listed... Socom already started? lol

mario8883301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Sky Halo has Auto Aim assist which is an improved version of Auto Aim Lock on and Cod is even worst. How long have you been gaming? I used to game on PC before I moved to Console. I also remember when you could turn off Auto aim.

Gamers like me are the minority. There are more gamers like you will swear games like Halo, CoD and Gears are the best shooters you can buy. Devs will therefore continue to make noob games because it sells. You don't even realize that Halo has Auto Aim. Here is some links for you.

@Skyzero wrote:
Running and gunning with accuracy and awareness takes skill.
Just because the game is easy to play doesn't mean you don't have to combine skill.

Skill is the very foundation of what makes a good player.
From the looks of it you sound like you have NEVER played a Halo game.

KZ2 is a camp and shoot game.

Camping takes NO Skill

I have played Halo and all my xbox noob friends love it. Halo is too slow for me and Gears!!! Gears feels like your crawling on the floor. Slow the game down , add in cheap weapons and auto aim assist and you got yourself a 5 million or 10 million seller.

All games require skill but Killzone require much, much more and therefore is more challenging to me.

Try this: aim at someone in Halo and have you friend run across you sights. Then come back to me and say Halo has no Auto aim.

FYI: Killzone has no Auto Aim.
Pick a game on the 360 that does not have Auto Aim and I will play you. Or play me one on one in Killzone. We will play all 7 modes and since you think Killzone is all camping . You go ahead and camp and see how far the gets you. I'll even film it for N4g.

Sky Zero3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I'll play you in Gears of War.

No auto aim in that.

I returned KZ2 back to gamefly a month ago.

Or even CoD4....I will literally let you use any weapon of choice while I use a pistol.

Halo3 in multiplayer Auto Aim is irrelevant.

Try to stay on target in an actual Halo3 match putting all hope into Auto Aim and see how far it gets'd be meleed before you get the chance to think.


Oh and Jager....maybe your illiterate or just have a mental defect...but Halo has all of those in 1.

Let me explain it on a 5th grade level so you can understand it more clearly.

So since Socom doesn't have a level creator, vehicles, movie editor that means it "doesn't" have the features which means it isn't MATCHED.

Which goes back to the quote ""Halo3 came out in 2007 and still no console FPS has matched its features"

-PEEDO BEAR-3301d ago

Halo loves to stick it to the sony trolls

mario8883301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

You are correct, forgot about that, Gears has No AUTO AIM Assist. No, I'll Decline Gears of War, LOL.

That game moves too fast for me and I could never get the good weapons when playing with my friends. - Sarcasm . I couldn't play Gears more than 10 minutes because it was so Slow.

I returned KZ2 back to gamefly a month ago.

Or even CoD4....I will literally let you use any weapon of choice while I use a pistol.

So you do have a ps3? You returning Killzone 2 says it all.
COD 4 has more Auto Aim than Halo and it's twitch games which I got bored at real quick but at the time there was nothing else to play except Socom.

All games requires certain level of skill to be good. Saying that, Killzone is not a game for everyone because it requires you to have really good eye and hand coordination. Killzone two is also a very fast pace game. It's also the best console game out right now for really competitive No Auto Aim clan matches. I can understand why you didn't like it or was there some other reason you don't own it?

Since you like COD, Halo and Gears so much do you have one of these? http://www.evilcontrollers....

Skyzero Wrote:
Halo3 in multiplayer Auto Aim is irrelevant.

Try to stay on target in an actual Halo3 match putting all hope into Auto Aim and see how far it gets'd be meleed before you get the chance to think.

You really don't understand what I mean by Halo's Auto Aim Assist do you?
Auto-Aiming is a technique used by Bungie in the Halo series to make targeting your opponent easier. This shifts the challenge from aiming to movement and strategy, unlike most FPSs. Other games use Auto-Aim to completely lock on to a target, while Halo simply makes it easier. This was taken from
Halo's Auto aim targets the Mass and you do so you just need to adjust your aim. Again , Gamer like you will enjoy Halo while the minority games like me will not consider it a Great Game. Killzone is Has No Auto Aim and you have to shoot in Burst because the gun jumps. Add the fact that you target is moving make the game very challenging.

You have to be kidding about the Pistol. If we play the small training map. I will destroy you with my MP5. I don't camp. I constantly run , pull the gun up, auto aim takes over and your dead. Like I said COD is a twitch game, no skill really needed.

PSN J1reborn but i really don't play under that ID anymore. Message my account and I will play you in a cage match. But remember you have to use a pistol , lol. And no Camping. You come at me an I come at you. My twitch skills are second to none.

caladbolg7773301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Geez guys. Calm down for a sec. Pop your weenies back into your breeches. Go buy TF2 (PC) and hop on or and play a couple rounds.

Guaranteed you go crying back to your 360 with your tail between your legs.

No e-peen contests until you've played a REAL fps.

N2NOther3301d ago

No skill needed in COD? Tell that to the countless people I cause to quit games all the time. Like today, my friend and I were playing Domination on Chinatown, each using MP5s and when the host quit the score was 75 - 45 us, and we both had in the mid 20's in kills and haven't even cracked 8 deaths. Mind you, no one else on our team or the enemy's had more than 9 kills. Why is this? Because the people we were playing were unskilled. Even at higher ranks of prestige. COD may have a pick up and play feel but to be truly good at it, requires skill.

velaxun3301d ago

Seriously, CoD is the biggest camp fest I've ever played. No matter where you go, someone is standing in a corner watching a door. It's sad. Like mentioned above, go play some TF2 ON PC and try arguing about skill again ok?

Eddie201013301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Having tons of features doesn't make a game perfect. It's the content within those features that is the deciding factor, the single player in Halo 2 and 3 was not the greatest nor were the graphics. Multi-player and all the features that go along with it, is pretty great. Games should be rated by all of its content not just buy its Multi-player.

I like the Halo games, but in my opinion Halo 2 and 3 did not deserve all the Hype they were given.

Matpan3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Very well put Sky Zero.

@mario888 ... I am a hardcore long time gamer. Been gaming steadily since the 8 bit era. FPS being probably my favourite genre since Wofenstein released back in the day. And I can say Halo is an excelent game on its own rights.

Back when Halo 1 was released it quite stirred consoles FPS scene and added a good quote of ease-of-use for more casual gamers to try and enter the genre while keeping it competitive. I frankly don´t see how bringing a genre to the masses is something wrong or bad... I frankly don´t get the "elitist hardcore gamer" point there... I want more people to play games, specialy the games that I like. Halo did a great job at getting new people into FPSs... and surely there where lots of kids (we all where kids sometime in our lifes) and noobies (yup to become a pro or a hardcore you actually need to be a noob at some point, right?) but that speaks very highly of Halo, coming from a genre that was quite "select" or "elitist".

And to the people arguing about botgome´s point... It´s his own view of the matter... Maybe he was 10 when the game released and it is heaven for him. We sure have a special place for that one game that shocked us at a special moment (mine was Sonic the hedgehog)... and the fact that Halo has become THAT special game for many people isn´t but another point in favour of the franchise. Live and let live... 8 and 16 bit games where GREAT in their way and for their time, but gaming continued its growth to a multi billion business and the way games are made now and the type of games that appeal to kids nowadays has changed... So there is no point in saying a SNES classic is better than Halo (or any other PS2/Xbox and beyond game). By that logic, your father would say that no electronic game would ever top a ping pong match, for what that matters...

I mean, I have a special place for old school gaming, and I am hardcore in my essence, but I cope with the idea that new generations turn their attention to new stuff and might not think so highly of the games that I regard as classics... It´s just the way history unfolds.

And in the process I really enjoy new games, new IPs and Ideas and always welcome innovation and new gamers. It would be foolish not to recon Halo is a major force in modern gaming. It is one of the lead franchises of one of the three major console manufacturers to date. And the 3rd installment in the series is a record in sales and online gaming, not to forget all the points SkyZero pointed out...

you speak of marketing and overhyping... Since when is it wrong for a company to advertise their own products? I think what MS did with halo3 was just perfect (look at the figures if you have any doubts). But don´t go thinking you can sell crap just for advertising it, the brand name and the game quality also boosted sales greatly, I doubt any other than a Halo game would have done what Halo 3 did in terms of sales. And the game deserves the praise it got, it might not be a technical marvel from a graphics point of view (though they are quite ok) but lets not forget all the rest of the things it does REALLY great. Halo 1 btw is yet a better game in many aspects (at least for its time), and was a great visual ride when released.

And I´m not saying a game is better or worse depending on how well it sells, I´m trying to cover all the points here and make a reasonable argument. Halo ain´t the best game ever... but it isn´t overrated either. It´s a great game that achieved what it deserved and established a solid brand.


@ mario888

i am sorry man, but i just don't see how you can moan at halo and gears being slow games and then hype killzone 2.. its just as slow.

I have all 3 halo games and gears 2 and killzone 2 they are all slow ( not that its a bad thing in my opinion ) I can't stand the corridor shooters were everyone runs at 3 times the speed of light. everyone is trapped in little rooms and you just watch blips run across the screen and shoot at everything that moves and you call that skill..

n4gno3301d ago

"surpassed it's features" ?

unreal, kz2, and more did it..and they are far better fps, even on console.

halo is just an acceptable clone of unreal, the fact people buy and play it = marketing (like some for movies, music bands, etc), and because young people did'nt know unreal tournament before, it's absolutly not a question of quality or features.

N2NOther3301d ago

If someone kills me by camping a doorway, I can, and do get around them and kill them when I find them in the same spot. Be it through a well timed grenade, or because now I'm ready for them and use a different tactic.

I have played TF2, and it's fun, but COD offers more fun for me, especially when I kill cowards, er I mean snipers, campers.

mario88883300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

This applies to Console gaming only.

I consider myself a minority but if that makes me an elitist so be it. When I buy a Shooter my main concern is how good the Competitive online multiplayer potion of the game is. I don't want the game to have Auto aim because auto aim only helps the inferior player and just doesn't give me the same gameplay satisfaction.

Matpan wrote:
Back when Halo 1 was released it quite stirred consoles FPS scene and added a good quote of ease-of-use for more casual gamers to try and enter the genre while keeping it competitive. I frankly don´t see how bringing a genre to the masses is something wrong or bad... I frankly don´t get the "elitist hardcore gamer" point there... I want more people to play games, specialy the games that I like. Halo did a great job at getting new people into FPSs... and surely there where lots of kids (we all where kids sometime in our lifes) and noobies (yup to become a pro or a hardcore you actually need to be a noob at some point, right?) but that speaks very highly of Halo, coming from a genre that was quite "select" or "elitist".
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Exactly my point, because Halo and now COD 4 , gaming is changing. The programming has gotten so good most people don't even know that there is auto assists there. These new generation of gamers think Halo and COD 4 is a game that requires a lot of skill but it's not. Skill and Strategy is two different things. It may be fun to the less skilled player but it's not to someone like me. Sure hell sell a lot of games and therefore creating the next generation of noob auto aim gamers.

Great for the noobs but elitist gamers like me are getting less and less games to choose from because they don't allow you to turn auto aim off. I don't know how many people on N4g are in Killzone 2 clans but if you are and you play all the time you know where I'm comimg from. And if anyone of you ever played Starwars Battle front 1 and 2 you know that there were two types of Server you could go on Auto Aim lock on and Auto Aim off.

@DarkWitness wrote:
I can't stand the corridor shooters were everyone runs at 3 times the speed of light. everyone is trapped in little rooms and you just watch blips run across the screen and shoot at everything that moves and you call that skill..

Sounds like you are not a casual gamer. Killzone allows Noobs no auto aim gamers to run around with Rockets just like COD 4 but you can actually modify the game and remove the noob tube and super boost speed.

Have you ever played a clan match in Killzone? Have you ever even played in a clan match. Please don't say COD4 because as I have said that is a noob game.

Play a clan match in Killzone with assault class off and no rockets. Then come back to me and batch about no skill.

Matpan3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Well someone had to make the genre more appealing...

I still resort to CS, UT, Quake3 If I want a good competitive game... I think you have three different and unique gameplay styles there, tweaked to the fullest, tested for years on... and you can find a LOT of skilled players to frag your brains off(you also have the oldest CODs, MOHAAs and Battlefield 1942 to ease your WWII hunger, should there be any left :P). I do agree games have become "easier" (specially FPSs on consoles) that´s why I just don´t seek in this new franchises what I can have from games that are already 10 years old, run EXTREMELY well on nowadays hardware and are still fully online supported. Oh and yes... they are on PC. You want Hardcore FPS, don´t use a console to begin with...

Now when I play FPSs on consoles, well I just know it´s a "light" version of the experience... speed is toned down (they take too much care into graphic details, I think they also want you to notice that too :P), there is surely some level of aiming assist (as console analog sticks are nowhere as precise as a gaming mouse). But then again, its another ball game. One that I also truly enjoy every now and then. I still use my PC for FPS mainly and all other kind of games I play them in consoles.

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kewlkat0073301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

but knowing PC's are the ones that really pushed the genre in all aspects, you gotta give halo PROPS when you just look at Consoles while throwing Goldeneye in there.

PC's have plenty FPS games and some have said even play better on there but there are certain games that do it for their perspective platforms and Halo which expanded on Goldeneye with XBL was a killer Kombination.

There is always "that game" that made it mainstream to all, on a specific platform. FFVII did the same for JRPG's, of course it wasn't the first JRPG and some will tell you, it wasn't the best.

Now you can still dabble on objective matters.

Some of these games/franchises fall in the same argument. No matter how much you envy, or cannot understand the force them or people that play they will always outperform because the user-base always comes back for more. They don't sell on just marketing tactics alone and they always gets the Casuals interested.

-Ninja Gaiden( I have yet to see another Ninja that rivals)
-Grand Tourismo (Still creme of the crop)
-Grand Theft Auto (No other like it, Vice City did it)
-Mario (Enough said)
-Zelda (Enough said)
-Street Fighter( SF2 did it on consoles and brought it home)
-Gears of War ( I know, a young franchise but it's base is SOLID)
-Final Fantasy (Wait till FFXII comes out)
-Tomb Raider (Though Uncharted is great, this game did it on PSone)
-Resident Evil - (This was in on PSone, true 3d horror)
-Golden Eye (Before there was halo)
-Halo - (When you can save a console and continue to the same base + more, it's no gimmick)
-Starcraft (How many still play a 1998 game?)
-Half Life - (Enough said)
-World of Warcraft (It is what it is)