The Long (Dead End?) Road for Duke Nukem Forever

Big Download writes:

"It's hard to believe but there are kids who were born and are now just turning into teenagers while 3D Realms has worked on their long, long, long-in-development first person shooter Duke Nukem Forever. The official follow-up to 1996's hit Duke Nukem 3D is now more like a symbol of missed game deadlines and dissapointment than an actual game that we could play.

However in spite of all the problems with the game's seemingly endless development, we figured someday, somehow, 3D Realms would finally deliver. Now all of that is up in the air and may never come down thanks to Wednesday night's surprise news that the Dallas-Texas based developed was shutting its doors. As of the time of this article being posted there's no official word from any of the company's executives (CEO Scott Miller and President George Broussard) on what exactly happened and how it will affect the development of the game (and yes we have called and emailed both men with no response).

So is this how the Duke Nukem legacy will end? Not with a firing of a shrink-ray gun or the bang of a pipe bomb but the wimper of a PC workstation shutting down, leaving the game's code unfinished? As we look back at the game's long history, we can't help but shed a tear or two as a once promising title could now be joining a list of PC games that were never completed."

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