GTA: Chinatown Wars: Why hasn't it sold well?

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was meant to be a massive hit. It goes back (somewhat) to the old days of Grand Theft Auto, having a top-down view (albeit isometric rather than true top-down) rather than a Third Person View. It had all these features, great controls, and yet it hasn't sold so well so far. In the first two weeks, it only sold 90,000 units in the US, a figure paled by the release of Pokémon Platinum, a recent title with similar fanfare, with over 800,000 in the first nine days, mathematically almost 14 times more successful in the same period of nine days.

There are reasons for this.

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CrAppleton3302d ago

Game looks awesome.. haven't played it.. but I've heard great things

Neco5123302d ago

it IS awesome! you need to go get it now! you're one of the people holding sales back

Lariat3302d ago

This is by far the best game of the year. The incredible reviews and word of mouth are going to push the sales even further. Don't be surprised if the game has already sold 2 million WW by the end of the year.

hatchimatchi3302d ago

it's not the best gta ever and it's definitely not the best game out this year. Don't get me wrong though, the game is absolutely fantastic. I like it far more than gtaIV. The dialog is extremely funny too. The game is selling for $20 brand new at best buy, that's why i picked up my copy. I don't know if it was a sale (i don't think it was though) but i think the price is cheap because of the lackluster sales. The game takes some great features from gtaIV and incorporates the humor of the old games. The game cannot be taken seriously, the dialog is purely comical. Also, the touch controls are brilliant.

CrAppleton3302d ago

Actually.. I believe Jason Evangelho said it was the BEST GTA ever!

Kaecyus3302d ago

Yes well, Jason is a portable enthusiast. Anything that has a screen separate from the controller doesn't have his attention.

So compared to GTA Advance, and GTA 2 for the Gameboy Colour, it's not surprising. ;]

Neco5123302d ago

it was great! I don't know about the BEST ever though

killyourfm3302d ago

You talking ta ME?

Actually, I *did* say that, and I stand behind it. Stripping away the graphical limitations, of course, it stands as the best GTA ever produced, gameplay wise. Innovation wise.

Kaecyus3302d ago

@2.3 You know you can relive GTA and GTA2 for free, legally, right?

njr3302d ago

It is a good game, but to call it the best GTA ever is wrong IMO. chinatown wars is up there, but not near III, VC or San Andreas.

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Spolodaface3302d ago

It's a shame that the game isn't doing so well. Well, fortunately for me this means they may produce another PSP title seeing as those sold so well and quality titles on the PSP are on the rise again.

Kaecyus3302d ago

Yeah. Liberty City stories was awesome for a PSP game.

cryymoar3302d ago

i bought a DSi because its alot moer fun than a PSP. and i'm anything but a child. Also, why do you have such beef with kids or being a kid? There's nothing wrong with that, obviously its natural because we were all kids at one point.

NegativeCreep4273302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

If you were to present to a five year-old boy, A Playboy magazine or a Nerf Dart Gun, which item do you think he'll disregard and which item do you think he'll take away and play with?

If it were me when I was a kid, I'd pick the Playboy because I never went through that entire "Cootie" phase; I actually had a die-hard (pun intended) crush on my 1st grade teacher, MS. Truman. But any other general child would pick the child-centric toy.

Presenting GTA to an overwhelming consumer base that marvels in platformers and kiddie-centric software (Nintendogs and BrainAge, for example) is bound to result in a great level of disregard.

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The story is too old to be commented.