Nine Inch Nails App Update Gets Approved Unchanged writes:

"If this story proves anything at all, it's that being a rock star and going on a curse laden-laden rant is basically the only way to get an application approved at the App Store.

If you remember correctly, it was only a few days ago that Trent Reznor, the head man of Nine Inch Nails, went on a bit of a tirade when the update to his application, nin: access, was rejected due to objectionable content. The main issue he had with the rejection was that the content, a 1994 album titled Downward Spiral that contains some foul language, wasn't even a part of the application, it could simply be streamed through the application.

Apple received a hefty amount of backlash from this whole event, and it now looks like Reznor was able to draw enough attention to the issue to make Apple simply cave."

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Odie3273d ago

...However... You start giving it to one cry baby and everyone will think that's the way to go.

dubbalubagis3273d ago

Gives a whole new meaning to rock star treatment.

Not a fan of Nine Inch Nails music at all, I think Trent's voice is fairly awful. I do, however, understand his complaint. The bigger issue here is that it is a rock star getting his way, instead of actual developers getting through to Apple. I doubt this will change anything.