Media double-standard against Sony has to stop

Darkpower writes: "It's been a few days since we first heard about the X-Box 360 Japanese catalog in which it mentioned the PS3 more times than Sony's marketing department does. From saying that the PS3 was inferior in playing multiplatform games to saying that the Arcade SKU was less than the PS3 by a few hundred dollars (you know, until you want to add the propriety hard drive and everything else that comes with the Pro and Elite SKUs, then it a few hundred dollars MORE). Through all of it, we heard one very loud website called PushSquare mention something about how Microsoft is treated in the gaming media as opposed to how Sony has been lately:

"Now we know it's only marketing, and that's fine, but here's our point: the gaming community holds such a double standard towards Sony these days that we're 101% convinced if Sony had released this pamphlet we'd be sifting through hundreds upon hundreds of: "ZOMG Sony should focus on their own system not the competition, they should shut up, make some games, Sony sucks" comments. You've read the ones.

We haven't come across a single comment suggesting the same about Microsoft's tactics. Interesting eh?"

Judging from the few articles that have popped up recently alone, coupled with what I've seen from the past year or so, there's so much truth to that statement that it's scary."

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