Acti Blizz adds "Call of Duty" to Modern Warfare 2, original ships 13 million

VG247: Uh oh. Activision Blizzard just called Inifity Ward's upcoming super-sequel "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" in its Q1 earnings call. Thought the Call of Duty had been dropped?

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MGOelite3121d ago

is it call of duty modern warfare 2 or just modern warfare 2?

Max Power3121d ago

to be literal it would be Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2. That is why I think they dropped the CoD aspect of the name.

IzKyD13313121d ago

I think Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 would make the most sense, you can't take out the "Call of Duty" without alienating some casual players. The "Modern Warfare" name is big, but everyone I know still refers to the game as "Call of Duty 4" or "COD4".

SL1M DADDY3120d ago

Everybody knows that COD4 was really COD3, and now the new Modern Warfare 2 will be COD4. Even the menu screens on COD4 say COD3. It's just Infinity Wards way of giving Treyarch the finger. ;-)

SixZeroFour3120d ago

personally, im just gunna start calling it cod6, im sure many of my friends will know what game im talking

i never really called call of duty 4: modern warfare "cod mw" i simply referred it as "cod4"...then there was "cod5" or "WaW" or "cod:WaW" (when texting to friends) and now this...cod:mw2, prolly go with "cod6" or "mw2"(this one doesnt sound too good tho)

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Elven63121d ago

If this is the case it makes sense, the game could be great but the Call of Duty branding will make it sell regardless. How many people really called COD 4 Modern Warfare? "Hey you wanna play some Call of Duty?" or "Hey you wanna play some Modern Warfare?", I've personally seen the first used more often.

Trebius3121d ago

You're absolutely right.

ZombieNinjaPanda3121d ago

Personally now that WaW is out, I've been hearing people say, hey you wanna play WaW or modern warfare?

goflyakite3121d ago

My friends either say Call of Duty of literally just say cod. (same with me)

Although I like the title 'Modern Warfare', Call of Duty just sounds good.

Timesplitter143121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

It's kinda hard to understand what they're trying to say

Serjikal_Strike3121d ago

All I want is to play the game and enjoy it as much as COD4...

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