GameDaily: Madden NFL 2010 Preview

Electronic Arts used the Wii's strengths to deliver unique Madden games that utilized the motion sensitive remote to simulate throwing passes and kicking field goals. This year's edition, Madden NFL 10, is no different, with stylized graphics, vastly different controls and other cool stuff. This time, however, Madden 2010 was built it from the ground up for the Wii instead of porting the PlayStation 2 game.

Doing this allowed EA Tiburon to tap into the system's processing muscle (what there is of it) to create a presentation that stands apart from the rest, starting with multiple body types. A wide receiver, for example, will be tall and skinny, while a linebacker will sport huge muscles and large belly. Doing this helps casual and even hardcore gamers easily identify players and in the process, learn the various positions and where to line up certain players before the snap.

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