Gamepro: MAG Preview

Gamepro: "On a rainy Seattle morning, a large group of gaming journalists and I loaded into tightly-packed passenger vans for a quick trip over to Zipper Interactive to be the first to play MAG (no longer the acronym for the generic-sounding Massive Action Game). After a brief trailer, a couple (non-alcoholic) cocktails and some snacks, we dove headfirst into the biggest shooter to date."

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MoneyMarko3269d ago

MAG, another must have game for me this year!

locos853269d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth..... now what will I put as my comment?

sonarus3269d ago

seems promising. They need to up the graphics though. Going against Modern Warfare 2 they are going to need more than 256 players

Lariat3269d ago

I just wanted to see what the fuzz is about and I saw those images. No kidding, this thing looks visually as good as Counter Strike: Source.

Also, 256 players online? Is that supposed to be impressive? Because I think is absolutely retarded. God, they didn't learn a thing from Resistance 2.

The Wood3269d ago

your trolling smells like potpourri. a good troll is meant to stink. You are a useless redundant troll

which one are you??

pippoppow3269d ago

As long as the levels are big enough the more the better. Besides I'm sure you can create a multiplay session with less characters. 256 is impressive and if it has good gameplay mechanics then this title will deserve the attention it will receive. 60 player with R2 now 256 with Mag is something to at least get a little excited about. Additional features in a game is nice but if it doesn't add to the gameplay experience then it pales in comparison to more characters, vehicles, mechanics, physics, ect. 256 is something to get excited about not features that have little to do with the gameplaying experience.

E743269d ago

It dosent look like counter strike source, and the graphics are pretty impressive given the MASSIVE scale of the game, and it wont be clusterf*cked like Resistance 2 because the maps will be big enough to handle much more than 256 players and still keep a constant 30fps.

s8anicslayer3269d ago

I hope this game does'nt have the issues socom confontation had, other then thatI'm looking forward to playing this game

solidjun53269d ago

SOCOM had a beta and they still screwed it up. It's okay now. Actually relative to its release date, it's almost night and day. However, I was pissed that i couldn't play all the features that was stated on the back of the box.

So hopefully Zipper/Sony will avoid what slantsix did. But I'm confident in Zipper since they did a great job with SOCOM series and its online infrastructure. Good tactical fun...only in FPS mode.

I hope they burrow the *bling* sound from Killzone 2 when you kill someone.

KKanjiAnkh3268d ago

Yet your Fboi of choice company doesn't have a handheld, or [email protected], near 10 year system, that still makes better games, past your 3yr warranty.

The dishes are cold, go clean the kitchen.

Christopher3268d ago

See images attached to prove it! /sarcasm

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ZombieNinjaPanda3269d ago

I really want to see some solid gameplay. Not just bits and pieces

Christopher3269d ago

Real gameplay for these type of games don't come out early. We might see some at E3, but likely 3 to 4 months prior to release we'll start seein some true gameplay.

Especially considering people are going to be _really_ freaking critical of the game because a) it's boasting 256 players at once w/30 FPS and b) it's on the PS3.

ZombieNinjaPanda3269d ago

Yeah I realize that. I don't really care about the graphics or anything of the such.

I just wanna see how the game will play in motion. Not just still screens.

Socomer 19793269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )


its just thunderous.

its like when i hear it and have seen a peak at the gameplay I want to listen to the theme song of the A-TEAM with B.A and Murdock.

im totally convinced that this game is like socom and warhawk mixed with objective based missions. i loved it in resistance 2 and i love it in killzone 2. this is my new thing now with online games. i need and want more than just plain old team deathmatch.

MGOelite3269d ago

really? i thought the name was horrible

Polluted3269d ago

I don't think the name would have gotten such a hard time if they never made the mistake of saying it stood for "Massive Action Game". They should have just called it MAG and left it at that from the beginning. Glad the see they dropped the acronym.

QuackPot3269d ago

I always though a rifle magazine when I heard it until told it was an acronym.

As for it being a mix of socom and warhawk. No way. There's very little to MAG include warhawk as a desciption.

Warhawk has huge maps with freely usable land/air vehicles. MAG has maps no bigger than 1 square km and limited land vehicles only.

MAG will be like Socom in first person and 256 players. nothing like warhawk.

Socomer 19793269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Its pretty bad for a videogame but militarily speaking its hits the nail on the head.

it just makes the game sound alot more serious and it should be taken serious i think. its a great code word. to each is own brother. or T.E.I.O

Spike473269d ago

I'm a bit skeptical for several reasons. It is a daring move especially with a media that loves to push devs and games around.

QuackPot3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

It will be nothing like Warhawk which is one of the best online MP out there.

Warhawk is so accessible with all weapons and vehicles available to do what you want and on huge maps.

MAG has more players on smaller maps with only limited use of land vehicles and Ai controller air vehicles.

Zipper should have based this game on BF2(PC) or warhawk which they didn't. It will essentially be a socom game in first person.

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