Gamer 2.0: Infamous Impressions

Gamer 2.0: "2009 has started off very well with games like Killzone 2, Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5, Flower, and others to give gamers plenty to do after the holiday season ended. The recent lull in big releases for most of April and a good portion of May is starting to subside as Infamous seems to lead the charge of the summer assault on your wallet in a few weeks. We've gotten our hands on the pre-release demo to see how the game plays before the demo is released to the public in two weeks."

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slave2Dcontroller3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Yet I have a few concerns- 1.) the AA. The game is gorgeous but there are some things that just take away from that beauty at times. Some of the shadows in the demo look blocky in an Atari 2600 kind of way.

2.) The draw distance seems to be layered with fog to disguise pop ups but other than that its Golden.

The controls are flawless and easily adaptable and the Graphics and character design are ace and most of all its fun as hell.

I'm hoping this demo is an earlier build and when compared to recent screen shots and trailers it probably is. Either way this is a MUST HAVE if you have a PS3.

A truly Amazing game and given this is SUCKERPUNCH first PS3 attempt is incredible.

The General3390d ago

And don't forget, it's a 1gb demo. It won't embody the full scope of the game until you get the final version.

However, despite those minute situations in the demo, this game ROCKS!

I'm going to personally appoint myself as the inFamous spokesperson and file for this games nomination for GOTY. Seriously guys, it's just that good.

And I feel this way just from a demo. lol, wow.

yoghurt3390d ago

....and you don't think they added 'fog' to create atmosphere.....?

chaosatom3390d ago

because I didn't get the Demo. :(

3390d ago
Lariat3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

"strong candidate for GOTY?"

*dying here* Are you sh1tting me? It is good to be hopeful about a game, but that is just non-sense.

Do you want me to name 20 games this year that are/will be better than infamous?

Serjikal_Strike3390d ago

name 20 games that will be better than inFamous....

Lariat3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

There you go pal:

Already released (6): Street Fighter 4, Dragon Quest V, GTA Chinatown Wars, GTA IV: Ep2., Resident Evil 5, Flower.

Upcoming (14): Alpha Protocol, Bioshock 2, Red Dead Redemption, Muramasa the Demon Blade, The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks, Grand Theft Auto IV: Ep.3, StarCraft 2, Prototype, Fight Night Round 4, Punchout, Halo 3: ODST, Brutal Legend, Red Faction Guerrilla, Little King Story, The Conduit, Fuel.

Want another dozen?

Goty among the games mentioned above? please...

Serjikal_Strike3390d ago

are you serious???
you consider the gta4 expansion a contender for GOTY???
and halo 3 odst???

in the whole list ..i can agree with maybe 2

Bioshock2 and Street Fighter 4...

Lariat3390d ago

Boy, then you have a terrible taste for games, which I understand since you are ignorant enough to think that inFamous is GOTY material.

Serjikal_Strike3390d ago

Take a look at my profile bud...see the games that I currently own...

I dont buy crappy games...Now if you tell me my list sucks..then you dont know what good is!!!!

celldomceen13390d ago

Man that list is questionable at best. Infamous should be one of the best games of the year. From playing the demo alone it has me SUPER hyped.

FlameBaitGod3390d ago

I dk if Lariat does it for the enjoyment of people talking crap back to him or just because hes mentally challenged

DragonWarrior465343390d ago

Lariat, dude your in total denial. Ive had more fun with the inFamous demo then I have damn near any full fledged game since the NES days. I was totally not expecting to see inFamous as my GOTY. The only games I see competing is MW2, UC2,Ratchet, Heavy Rain, WKC and MAG. Most of which are ps3 exclusives so that is saying alot.

cyberwaffles3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

funny how you omitted every single PS3 exclusive for this year. don't you think that's a little weird considering that the ps3 has the most exclusives (at least the most promising exclusives)for 2009 and you didn't list a single one? i know where you're coming from, especially since you actually put Halo odst and an expansion pack for your GOTY list.


ok you listed one, flower. still, can't believe you put flower over games such as killzone 2, mag, uncharted 2, ratchet and clank, etc.

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MoneyMarko3390d ago

Sony is going to own your gaming time in 2009.

Rhezin3390d ago

Brutal Legend? Jack Black? That's automatic failure right there. Don't get me wrong Jack Black USED to be funny.

neogeo3390d ago

I went into this Demo thinking it may be just ok... After about 10 seconds I was amazed! What really sold me was the control! I mean just wow! I feels so good and smooth. Its easy to use, aiming is spot on. Game moves very very fast and the moves sre perfect!


pain777pas3390d ago

Neogeo I am going out on a limb here but I sense some honesty and I will pick this up day one. I watched the 12mins of a french version All I wanted to know is how good are the controls and you have eased by biggest concern. Thanks!

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