Battlefield 1943 price announcement

PS3-Sense writes: "Developer DICE from the Battlefield games have announced the release price of their new multiplayer game Battlefield 1943. The game will be released only on PSN and XBLA next month."

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roflmuffins83357d ago

This isn't new. The price got announced officially about a month ago.

IaMs123357d ago

the link isnt working for me... mind saying what the price is i havent heard yet. Would be appreciated, i love battlefield games.

StuffRokz3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

$15.00 american
11.20 euros. i think it said something about just raising it to 15 euros, but i'm not sure.

Montrealien3357d ago

EA has been treating us really well lately, the price is old news. But it is a great reminder of how cool this is. If its anything close to the BF games on the PC and for 15$, it is an amazing deal.

BYE3357d ago

Mouse aiming is way better for FPS, but maybe it's a nice arcady shooter for 15$.

BattleAxe3357d ago

Mouse aiming is for people who have no skill, but back to BF 1943, it looks kick ass. For $15 its a must buy.

FantasyStar3357d ago

Keep telling yourself that.

BattleAxe3357d ago

Hey PC geeks, don't get mad at me because you don't know how to use an analogue controller :)

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MmaFanQc3357d ago

this is like 1 month old....

kaveti66163357d ago

I'm a fairly incompetent FPS player on consoles but hand me a mouse and I can pwn like the rest of them. It just goes to show that 10 years of practice by basically using a computer, I can aim and click like nobody's business. That's pretty much why PC fanboys come online and say FPS is meant only on PC; they can't stand the fact that what they thought was skill was actually a cheap and simple method known as the mouse pointer.