Big Interest For inFamous Demo on Big Websites

PS3-Sense writes: "Today, you could already read about the infamous demo accidentally appeared in the PlayStation Store and later was removed, but that has not helped. At various game sites, including, are big interest in the infamous demo that was appear in the PlayStation Store for a few minutes. Some have the demo quickly download from the PlayStation Store, and a number of these users are so nice to share the demo with other users."

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Socomer 19793332d ago

You didnt know???

Its inFAMOUS !

can you feel the burn and the intensity?
its electrifying.

MAY 26 2009

Get Yours !

cayal3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

June 11 down here and I won't be in the country

meepmoopmeep3332d ago

it's pretty darn fun demo

MoneyMarko3332d ago

Can they just release the demo now please?

marcindpol3332d ago

maybe they will just like with K2 as i remember good...

Squirtforce3332d ago

This exclusivity crap with demos is getting old. Mainly when it's a bonus for preordering the game! If I preorder it, it means I already am going to buy it so I don't need a demo to convince me. GODDAMN WHAT A BUMMER.

no-spin3332d ago

release the demo and the game already!

WTF is the issue with holding it?

cliffbo3332d ago

what are you on about, Infamous is being released a month early

NextGEN Gamers3332d ago

I saw it on Live Markeplace as well, so I nabbed it. Awesome game which, like all games, looks better on the Xbox compared to the PS3.


Surfman3332d ago

i'll talk for everyone: Shut up and grow up. Ok?

OmarJA3332d ago

Xbots's stupidity has gone beyond imagination... :D


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The story is too old to be commented.