Isthmus Review - X-Men Origins: Wolverine game from Raven Software outshines the movie

Isthmus: Raven has done such an excellent job bringing the character to screaming life that I was disappointed when I saw the movie a day after sitting down to play the game. The movie plot seemed confused and added elements that didn't belong in the Wolverine origin story, as well as cameo appearances from fellow X-Men characters that didn't fit it at all. In this regard, the $59.99 for the game was better spent than the $8 on the movie ticket.

Adapting from the page to the screen is hard. Adapting from the page to the screen to a game has proved nearly impossible. I completed the full game shortly before writing this review and found myself going right back and starting the game over. This is not something I do often, and it's a testament to putting the game first. Well played, Raven.

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DragonWarrior465343307d ago

I love it when people act like their opinion on a movie is the end all of things. For instance, most of you can't imagine putting in a movie like WallE on , but Im glad I got it for my 3 kids because I ended up watching it 2 times because it was so good. Dont get me wrong. I haven't liked any xmen movie to date, but to say this mediocre game is worth $65 bucks and the movie wasn't worth 8 is a pathetic attempt of trying to get some attention.