Analysis: What the Nintendo 'slowdown' really means

Kris Graft from Gamasutra writes:

"The little black cloud hanging over Nintendo's record fiscal year sales and profits was its rather lukewarm forecast for the year ahead.

The company projected almost flat sales year-on-year and profits to decline 12 percent. Hardware sales for the DS line and Nintendo Wii will hardly move the needle either way in the coming year, Nintendo expects.

The numbers that Nintendo is forecasting are purposely conservative -- a weak global economy and a fluctuating yen are keeping the game maker guessing. But even with these "conservative" figures and flat or down projections, Nintendo is still doing extremely well, speaking in relative terms."

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deshon093387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

like i said most every one has a wii in japan no need to keep buying them

and come on Nintendo give us real games zelda mario something good not the wii sports red steal 2

give us something we can look forward to i know it in development i do not want to hear that agin at e3 it funny they got all the casual gamers now they want something more

hatchimatchi3387d ago

i totally agree with you on red steel 2. I don't understand the hype for this game one bit. The first one was complete trash. The only reason it sold well was because it was the only shooter available at launch. The game is completely broken. A shooter that relies on IR and is inaccurate as can be is a complete fail imo. Plus it's a gallery shooter, i played the same game in 5th grade at the arcade, only it was called lethal enforcers back then.

dogmeat eater3387d ago

So no one cares about the wii anymore

hatchimatchi3387d ago

the nintendo wii holds no sway over the power of wide dog

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patterson3387d ago

I think soccer moms are gravitating back to fitness clubs, yoga class, etc.

These things don't bode well for Wii sales I would imagine.

bigjclassic3387d ago

There hasnt been a major Nintendo 1st party game since last spring when Nintendo dropped SSBB, WiiFit and Mario Kart around the same time. After last spring nintendo has been really quiet about its upcoming 1st party games.

Some "M" games have dropped on both DS/Wii and Nintendo has not announced anything besides Punch-Out Wii.

So this is the time for PS3 to really catch on around the world and get some momentum behind it. PS3 has done well in Japan recently and will continue to do so until Nintendo answers back.

E3 will be big, mostly because nintendo has some stuff up their sleeves. Expect to see some AAA core games from BiG N.

*cannot wait till another Zelda and Mario drops*

madjedi3386d ago

@4.1 I doubt you'll see new mario or zelda at e3 at least not for the wii e3 2010 maybe, probably pikman, kid icarus/kirby, pilotwings maybe an f-zero.

From the review i read of punchout, its nice to see how they redid the game and added to it, instead of just taking the original and redoing it with motion controls and charging full price for it.

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