LittleBigPlanet Goes Out Of This World

Kotaku writes: "Just when I think I've seen all there is to see from LittleBigPlanet, something like this recreation of Eric Chahi's classic platformer Out of this World. "

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gdguide3275d ago

Cool. I was thinking of doing just the first level part. Some of this is brilliant like the intro and the cage part. Others like the beast, the alien landscape for the beast was a let down. They could have made it look a lot better. All in all though, an amazing job at doing the whole game (abbreviated mind you)

WildArmed3275d ago

just when i thought I'd never hear of this game again
brings backs mixed memories :/
soo frustratingly hard..

redsquad3275d ago

Now there's a blast from the past. OUT OF THIS WORLD was one hell of a game, and this a cool homage!

pippoppow3275d ago

Would be nice to see at least a spiritual successor to this amazing game. Nice story, atmospere and art style. This would actually make a good movie, maybe one day. Need to play part 2 one of these days on the Sega CD.

Polluted3275d ago

Very cool. Looks a lot easier than the original game. No poison slug enemies either. Still pretty awesome.

Miraak82 3275d ago

just played it , never plated the origanal but it was good

mrlahey3275d ago

Man Another World (Out of this World) got some serious play time on my Amiga 500 back in the good days. Thats the best level i have seen yet.

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