Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising's Battlegrounds Revealed

Take a trip to the 136 square mile island that will become Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising's battlefield as Codemasters today released the new gameplay trailer "Welcome to Skira." Providing the game with an immense open-world theatre of modern warfare, gamers can take an island flight with the video, now available.

The island of Skira is a stunningly detailed and beautifully recreated oil-rich island. Fictionally located off the eastern coast of Russia just north of Japan, its rich geological terrain will provide a challenging tactical environment that includes valleys, mountains, coastlines, beaches, villages, industrial complexes, and a huge extinct volcano.

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QuackPot3209d ago

when I heard MAG has max size map of 1 square km in comparison.

Hope CM pulls this off because it could be epic like Arma2 should also be. Looking forward more for Arma2 though as it's being made by the original OFP developers and has usable jet planes, motorbikes and ..... push bikes

Phantom_T3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

This game will have 256 players packed into a square Kilometre all performing actions and the destruction that follows.
How can that not sound impressive to you,with apparently no lag or framerate issues?
I may be impressed with the size of the maps in Operation Flashpoint if it can do the same.


this, MAG, MW2, Battlefield bc 2,great military games coming out.To bad ill prob be broke buying college books