What Most Gamers Really Think of Sony's Ghostbusters EU Plans "Ghostbusters, in case none of you saw the original movies, is about a bunch of grown men strapping on some expensive experimental equipment capable of causing nuclear explosions and generally raising Hell (and literally putting it down) to hunt down rogue ghosts. Which is all well and good - in fact, the movies were friggin' awesome (unlike the modern debacle of Ghostbusters Extreme).

"Ghostbusters: The Video Game from Atari, on the other hand, has been an oft-delayed property that many doubted would see the light of day till last November's press briefing. And now that Sony has stepped in to handle publishing the title in Europe for the PS2 and PS3 (with other editions to arrive later for other consoles in the same region, apparently), who you gonna call when arguments arise to this being non-beneficial to us, the gamers?

"Here's a hint: Not us."

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Bill Gates3303d ago


Timesplitter143303d ago

....baboons..... baboons?


LostDjinn3303d ago

Another story dealing with this.
Well I'll just get the popcorn and wait for the fight to begin.

Now, say it with me. "It's not fair!" vs "Why is it different when Sony does it?"

Sorry. I guess I just took all the fun out of it.

CaseyRyback_CPO3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

#1 people care about ghost busters...
#2 people care about sony & a timed exclusive of ghost busters in 1 region.

No one cares that ff13 isn't going to the most important region in the world to that game.. but ghost busters? I dont get it.

-PEEDO BEAR-3303d ago

Its the media that is blowing up to start a flame war.

I am 360 fan and I was not going to purchase this game from day one and the fact that it is a time exclusive does not bother me.

How many PS3 fans do you really think are going to purchase the game?

NewZealander3303d ago

ghost busters was never on my must have list, i was interested when i first heard about the game, but recient trailers have looked pretty bad, probably a rental tho.

this game has had nearly zero hype untill now, i really dont see it selling verry well, i dont understand how this pal timed exclusive deal is going to benefit anyone...its all just stupid hype over a game that will probably flop.

badz1493302d ago

that I'll buy only PS3 exclusives because of limited gaming budget! - limited gaming time as well! I'll have to really keeping up with this game because I was big fan of the series back then. I haven's seen any video of the gameplay since last year if I'm not mistaken. if it's any good, I think I'll pick it up just because I'm a fan!

what I don't understand is, how this game suddenly became the "news of the week" material when Sony picked it up for timed exclusive in PAL region! what's the big deal with ghostbusters anyway? I bet many of whom are complaining and making such a big fuss regarding this Sony deal aren't those who are planning to buy the game anyway! what a bunch of SUCKERS!! for god sake, it's just ghosbusters!!

VampHuntD3302d ago

So for those of you thinking no one cares, you're dead wrong. I grew up with the busters and I'm pretty happy that this game is almost the "lost 3rd movie" (it has been called that". Now it may still suck, but at least it was attempted.

Secondly, why are people harping on this? Since Sony is the publisher, any non-Sony system is lucky to get it. MS didn't publish NG2 for PS3 now did they? (Of course that wasn't even programmed for PS3....untill Sigma).

Point is, the publisher really does get the last call. I don't care what console the game is on and neither should anyone else planning on buying 1 copy instead of two, 1 for each console.

Now can all these stupid stories stop please?

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iHEARTboobs3303d ago

I just hope this game is good.

Enigma_20993303d ago

... for having a level head...

Phantom_T3303d ago

Us gamers no longer have to voice our own opinions on such matters,gamer sites #300 - 45639000 will do it for us.

MmaFanQc3303d ago

how can they know that?

are they speaking for everyone?

BX813303d ago

No they are speaking for most gamers.

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