PS3 or Xbox 360 - Which is better?

GamingFront: So, a common question within the gaming community, which causes a lot of disruption is the question: "Which is better: Sony PS3 or Microsoft's Xbox 360?". Well the honest answer is neither. In all honesty, you would need to give a lot more information to get a conclusive answer. Here is the question I would ask someone:

"Which console is best for me? I am a home theatre fanatic, and love really good tech specifications, I have been playing games for many years, and love online gaming, but hate to pay for it, as I find it unfair. I also love games like Gran Turismo and Killzone"

Now, that is the question that I would ask, but even after asking that, you will never get an answer that says: "The 360 is best" or "The PS3 is best". If I asked that question, I would get the answer: "The PS3 is the best console for you"'. That is the truth. That is my personal preferences above, and thats why the PS3 is the console for me, and is why I have a PS3.

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Jumper10803274d ago

why do people keep posting lame articles

Nike3274d ago

Why Uwe Boll keeps adapting video games into movies

Why powerful nations bully smaller ones

and why people fall in love.

Simply put: People don't need reasons for doing stupid things. :P

At least it tries to acknowledge what most people actually do when buying a console: taking into account what they want in terms of games and features like home entertainment and online play. Though he does mention "The Playstation Network is just as good as Xbox Live, and since Home was released, more people signed up, and I now think that the PSN is better than Xbox Live."

Anyway, whatever. Same sh*t, different week. :D

doctorstrange3274d ago

awesome reply Nike +bubbles

FlameBaitGod3274d ago

Read the article b4 commenting on it lol

Nineball21123274d ago

Has anyone who has commented or reported so far actually read the article?


Because this is about as far removed from being a flamebait article as there is...

The author points out the GOOD points of both systems and says to pick based on your own individual tastes.

I swear... it shouldn't surprise me that ppl comment without reading, but it does.

FPShooter3274d ago

I agree. the article is actually fair to both consoles. Its basically saying their is no best its all opinion.

Nike3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I read it. And I agree on what you said. I'll approve it as a Contributor because it follows all guidelines and such. It being lame is a matter of opinion - one i don't share, so whatever.

But still, this topic is old and suffered greater beatings than the Headless Horseman's big dead horse. :D

Edit: Any one else wanna invite amateur insults at their competency as a Contributor? Approve now! Because that's basically why no one wants to. If that answers any of your queries, Nineball. :)

Daz3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I like both, lame artical.