The Death of JRPG

TWGNews article excerpt: "The Beginning. I grew up during the SNES, N64, Dreamcast (yes I owned one), and PS1 era so without question my favorite genre of games is easily the JRPG. I was raised on the nectar of Final Fantasies and I learned from the Legends of Dragoon, Mana, and Legaia; I listened to the Tales of Destiny, Eternia, and Phantasia, and am sad to see this genre begin to circle the drain. The last good JRPG that I played was Lost Odyssey, which was a breath of fresh (though to many, stale) air that entered my lungs like a hurricane. "

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Maedhros3214d ago

If there's any genre that's had it coming, JRPGs are pretty much it. If the current gen game you have is just a prettier version of a NES game from years gone by, you are doing something wrong. It's laughable he thinks they tell good stories or have solid character development, most of the time they're struggling for coherency and everyone and everything is a bland, 2 dimensional anime cliche. It's really right up there with the idea any JRPG requires you to actively strategise when pretty much all of them can be beaten by hitting attack with the occasional break to cast cure.

Shooters might be saturaring the market, but at least they require actual player thought and input some of the time.