Terminal Reality frustrated by Ghostbusters merry-go-round

Ghostbusters: The Video Game developer Terminal Reality has expressed frustration at publishing deals that have seen the game passed around to three different companies in the past year.

The developer admitted that it has had no say in publishing or distribution decisions, as the game has been pushed from Activision to Atari, and now Sony in Europe.

"It is not the ideal situation for a developer like Terminal Reality as we really enjoy a collaborative relationship when we work with publishers, so that has had to be rebooted every time the game changes hands," offered Brendon Goss, executive producer at Terminal Reality, speaking exclusively to

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deshon093389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

they should be happy sony let them make the game and stop bi*ching

i bet sony will not make the mistake of letting Terminal Reality use another one of there franchisee if they are going to keep b*tching about it

-EvoAnubis-3389d ago

Exactly what I came here to say. This franchise is Sony's property; they could have just as soon handed the license to one of their many talented 1st/2nd party studios (I'd've loved to see Insomniac's version of Ghostbusters), but they didn't.

I understand being annoyed with Activision for what they did as publishers, but Sony can literally do whatever the hell they want. If you have an issue with it, hand over the license. It's just that simple.

Polluted3389d ago

Well I'm sure Terminal Reality handed over a lot of money for the license to Ghostbusters games for a set amount of time or for s set amount of titles. It's not like Sony just let them have it for free or anything.

I mean if you were Sony and you had a valuable license that was just stagnating then TR came in and offered you a) tons of money and b) a great opportunity to reboot a dying franchise with little to no financial risk, why would you refuse?

sonarus3389d ago

Yea its a bit of BS to have to keep changing publishers. But how much of an effect does Sony publishing in PAL affect them. The distribution will probably run mostly thru atari all they have to worry about is getting the games running

Th3 Chr0nic3389d ago

i would be pissed too if all my hard work was getting tossed around like a hot potato that no one wants to touch..
i know this isnt the case but it makes me wonder if the game is actually all its cracked up to be.

PirateThom3389d ago

Well, I do agree to a point. Activision dropped it really quickly, but since then Atari went to the trouble of acquiring the publishing rights and Sony went in for a deal on the game.

The fact two publishers wanted in after the game was first dropped makes me think there's something there.

Obama3389d ago

It's Sony's franchise, and the bots should be grateful that they even get to play this game.

-MD-3389d ago

You act like the word "bot" is an insult.

deshon093389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

get me wrong i know they worked hard on the game but at the end of the day sony owns the ghostbuster franchises and the could have told them no but they were nice and let them make the game but like i said see if sony dose this agin and other game based off of one of there movies will be first party i mean they could have made it a 1st party game frome the beginning but they did not

they should just be glad they did not ax the game for all the other consoles all together

dragonyght3389d ago

i wish sony had done it from the start at least it would been a first party quality game

does anyone know if the game have co-op because it would a crime if they they didn't implemented it

Anon19743389d ago

If Resident Evil can handle split screen co-op without sacrificing anything, I hope Terminal Reality did the same thing.
Either way I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan. As long as they made a half decent game...I'm there.

ry-guy3389d ago

There is multiplayer in all the versions.

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The story is too old to be commented.