AppChatter Review: Magnetic Block Puzzle

Magnetic Block Puzzle by Kiss The Machine is a fun puzzle game with a twist. The goal in this puzzle game is to connect all like colored blocks. Blocks can be connected through a wall. On each level, there can be any number of colors ranging from one to six. On some levels there are transparent blocks. These blocks do not need to be connected, but can be used to solve levels.

There are 110 levels that steadily get harder. As you move the blocks, your moves are counted and your best score is saved. Once you have completed a level, the best possible moves for that level is displayed. If you completed the level in the least steps possible, a star will appear next to the level in the menu. You can move the blocks by sliding or tilting. The tilt sensitivity can be changed in the options menu. The thing that attracted me to this game, besides it being fun, was the fact that you can play any level you wish without beating the previous level.

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