Star Trek: Every video game

WhatTheyPlay writes: "The new movie Star Trek is set to completely reboot the 40 year old franchise on May 8 with it's action-packed rock and roll reinterpretation of the original series. Now that Kirk and co are back in the collective consciousness, chances are high that we're all going to want to head home afterwards and dig out some old Star Trek games to relive the battles for ourselves. Want to be Captain Kirk and battle with some Klingons or Romulans? You're in luck! There have certainly been a lot of Star Trek games over the years, and we've attempted to outline pretty much all of them here in chronological order. We do admit to skipping one or two, however. There have been a number of "interactive experiences" that we didn't feel quite fit into this list of games, so we skipped over the 1996 "teach yourself" Klingon language lab CD-ROM, and Interplay's Star Trek pinball game released a year later, along with the 1998 Starship Creator from Simon & Schuster Interactive.

Some quick facts for you; the first Star Trek game on any kind of video game console was actually the very first one - Star Trek: The Motion picture, which came out for the Vectrex home console in 1982. The first PlayStation Star Trek game was Star Trek: Invasion in 2000. This was followed by Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force as the first franchise game on the PlayStation 2."

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Si-Pie3301d ago

Not every Star Trek game is listed here. There were some public domain games on the Amiga that are not included in this list. Maybe its just dealing with commercial games? However some of these Star Trek games I had not even heard of.