PM: Little King's Story Preview


"The gist of the game simple. You play the part of Corobo, a little boy who falls into his dreamscape and awakens as a tiny king of a broken little kingdom. You awaken to find your trusted (crazy) advisor promptly going over the needs of your kingdom which consists of zero followers. This soon changes by setting out and recruiting nearby villagers to carry out various duties that beget better conditions, and more followers. Before you know it you're leading around little armies of warriors, laborers, marksmen and so forth, while your carpenters are building new quarters to house new legions, each with a personality all his or her own. It's quite unlike anything you've played before; familiar in myriad ways but different. There's an attention to detail here in both the execution and AI that is simply magnetic and the controls though simple and accessible evolve in such a way that you feel connected to the action whether your beating down trespassers', chasing ghosts out of the graveyard or just surveying ever burgeoning hamlet. I was only able to play a few hours into our preview version but it was more than enough to make me count the days until I can unite the surrounding kingdoms and raise my flag for miles around. With any luck I'll grow up in the process and who knows, maybe there's a Little Queen in my future."

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