PM First Look: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

PM: "That sense of accomplishment from stripping your kill on the field and wearing the flesh of that which you have overcome. The fact that your character isn't superhuman, and that your great gear will give you an edge but will never win your fights for you. The impotent rage of the online community when we found out that MH3 was going to be a Wii exclusive (as if a casual audience is going to have what it takes to knock out a Rathalos). And isn't it strange how a game without a storyline can have so many memorable moments? I'll never forget my first Yian Kut-Ku hunt, when I had an epiphany and realized that swinging my sword around like an idiot wouldn't get the job done; it's called Monster Hunter, not Monster Fighter, for a very good reason."

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clinker3388d ago

Well written article... it's sure easy to spot a Monster Hunter fan!