PM: Unbound Saga Preview


"Thus Unbound Saga tells Rick's story, and that of obligatory sexed up partner, Lori Machete (also playable), through a ten level quest to square off against The Maker. The game looks to have a kind of tongue-in-cheek philosophy to back up it's self-reflexivity (compounded by the fact that no one else in Toxopolis is aware they're trapped in a comic book-in a genius move, they all thing Rick's off his rocker). Aside from the most noticeable inclusion of a disembodied hand, a paneled world and flipping pages, the noticeable inclusion of on-screen onomatopoeic sound effects and busted-up baddies exploding into pages complete the comic book-y presentation. For what it's worth, Rick also sounds like a cross between Sin City's Marv (Mickey Rourke, that is) and Patrick Warburton, who at one point donned the Tick's blue suit in the short-lived live action adaptation of the comic. Although it's a little unclear how well the game will hold up, it's self awareness is a promising start for what could be an interesting take on the brawler genre. Or at least an updated Comix Zone.

So, who's ready to rumble?"

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