Wii users upset with Nintendo's shortcomings

The Examiner:
Now that each of the consoles have had a few years to spread their individual wings and really cement their respective fanboy base, I honestly just can't believe there are so many Wii-whiners out there.

I've heard, and especially read, plenty of bashing of the little white box since its debut (just run a quick Google search for "Wii downfalls" or anything like that), but it seems there are basically three main areas of dissent – the graphics, the memory, and the selection of games.

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Anon19743387d ago

Certainly the sales don't reflect this, but as a former Wii owner myself I was let down by the console. Graphics, lack of storage space, poorly supported online, lack of games (I wanted to play) and just general dislike of the Wii-mote cause me to sell my Wii to a co-worker just before Christmas.
Odd thing is I feel kinda guilty about it. I've been a Nintendo fan for quite some time - loved Mario/Zelda/Metroid before but couldn't get past my frustration with the Wiimote. Mario Galaxy, Zelda TP and Metroid all got great reviews and yet I couldn't get in to any of them. Great for party games - not so great in my opinion for everything else.
Maybe Nintendo will get my money again next round.