PM: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Review


"In the meantime though, I'm just glad they're still making games their way. The other gamer in our house, by the way, my eight-year-old son Hunter, who's way too good at games for his age, would starve if we didn't tear him away from Mumbo's Garage. I suppose a lot of kids, especially given the popularity of Legos and Bionicles, will become mad builders in Nuts and Bolts. There's a real art to it, especially when you get into some junior aeronautics, and having the test facility right there is great, along with the paint shop. Then of course, there's the Lord of Games-aka LOG-who's always bragging about his game worlds and reminding us how things used to be (he created the FPS you know); the many shops and establishments to visit-maybe play a little N64 Banjo or get a workout-and all of the elaborate gear-works and constructs around town to forage for parts and Jiggy's. And if that ever gets boring you can always play the game (there's a big one in here) or there's always Grunty, Klungo (Klungo's good now by the way), Boggy, Pikelet, Mr. Fit, Jolly Dodger and an entire town full of bi-pedal rhinos, pigs, and other strange creatures to annoy and harass, and that are always more than happy to reciprocate."

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