iPGN Review: Caster

iPGN writes: "Sometimes you can get really fooled by lite versions and that was the case for me when trying out the lite version of Caster. I played it for a couple of minutes, swore at not understanding what to do and removed it from my iPhone. Later I found Nigel's first look where one of the developers states that Caster "makes playing a 3rd person game on the iPhone feel easy and natural even to novice players of 3rd person shooters." After reading that I had to download the lite version again and have another go at it. Knowing what to expect I gave the tutorial some time to learn the controls and get a feel for the action during the level available. Graphics and sound are really top notch and I found myself enjoying the game fully. And then the short lite version was over and I had to know if the full version of Caster continues with the same high level of polish."

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