PM: Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard Review


"The game is not fun in a button-mashing way. It's like model-building, or optional homework. If you've played Etrian Odyssey through to completion, you know what I mean (and you lucky gamers can use a password you received at the end of the first title to unlock special features in this one). Truth be told, if you finished Etrian Odyssey, you're going to get this game; tweaks like more specific map icons and auto mapping are going to soothe your complaints from the first title. The hardcore who missed out the first time are strongly encouraged to give the game a run. The satisfaction of finishing even a single map is like the bliss that comes from organizing all your books, or alphabetizing CDs. It's fun for completists. Everyone else will just stare, dumbfounded."

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