Unbelievable Duke Nukem Forever Development Conspiracy Detailed

Game developer Charlie Wiederhold, who worked at 3D Realms between 1998 and 2006 wrote on his personal blog about an mindblowing conspiracy perpetrated between the heads of 3D Realms, Epic Games and a few other leading members of the industry to keep Duke Nukem Forever in almost perpetual development for the PR and marketing purposes of boosting the success of the Unreal Engine and to create a game that was to be remembered for all time.

The story then takes a sudden shift as the chief parties start to resemble members of the Mafia, and ends with a physical threat on the developer's life when he questioned the contract he was about to sign. Read on.

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Th3 Chr0nic3270d ago

WOW...this guy still works in the industry and everything so i dont see him making up something as big as this. He would be putting nails in his own coffin.....oh wait maybe he did still do that considering the gangsta Cliffy B was involved

StillGray3270d ago

Yeah it just seems too crazy to not actually be true. I can't wait to hear CliffyB's response.

Th3 Chr0nic3270d ago

watch them ignore it totally like this guy is some crazy nutjob

Anon19743270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

If there's any truth to this, this is insane. I know personally how quickly emotionally charged situations can escalate, but still.

Th3 Chr0nic3270d ago

@ 1.4 ROFL OMG what is that cliffy B doing his Night at the Roxberry impression or was that just standard 90's douchebag attire

FlameBaitGod3270d ago

Dam... i hope that's not true....

DelbertGrady3270d ago

Consigliere Rein and capo de tutti capo B say "It's not personal, it's strictly business".

Nineball21123270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Ya know... the story behind this would make a good video game!

I can totally see pressing the O button as fast as you can to keep this guy from being impaled on the end of the chair leg! Hahah...

Okay, maybe too much God of War-like. :-)

Elven63270d ago

Anything is plausible, but why would Cliffy B be at this meeting? He wasn't as high profile has he is today. Sure he had Jazz Jackrabbit but did that really make him big enough to roll with the "big boys" to "business meetings"?

RememberThe3573270d ago

Personally, I would not let some sh*t like that slide. Those guys would not be safe.

I would have to go real street on their asses. Some real Makaveli The Don sh*t.

You let it slide while your there. But once your out, get one of them by them selves, grab something real hard and go to town on their head so they can't hide it. Preferably some where solitary, somewhere where no one will get in the way. For example, their office or their driveway at night, something like that. Tell them that if they snitch they risk the safety of their family, and walk away off to get the other guys that had the nerve to put their hands on you.

F*ck them up. Make an example. One by one, let them know that next time they should rethink their actions.

That is, if it's a true story, If not, then don't do that.

Elven63270d ago

Wait, why would he come out now? This could not only impact his current job but potential future employment.

Besides, if the "gaming mafia" messed this guy up in a trailer for asking a stupid question, imagine what they might do to him for this?!?!

Nineball21123270d ago

@ Remember... "That is, if it's a true story, If not, then don't do that."

LOL! I don't know why, but that last line cracks me up... You go into great detail on how to mess 'em up, then that last line. :-)

Then don't do that. Kind of an understatement. :-)

Matpan3270d ago

Either this is real... And the guy feels it is safe to let this out this much time in the future... or it is just viral propaganda to keep heat going about a game that has remained unreleased for too long.

If it is not real, nor propaganda, I don´t quite see the guys whose names are involved happy at all. Of course they´d probably denied it all. And surely this wouldn´t be the first case of business done in a mafia way, this kind of things, as fantastic as they may sound are surely far more common than you would expect. Not two years ago a co-worker ( I worked at a medium sized animation company) who had a slightly significant role as a team leader was about to change job. I don´t know how this slipped and reached the upper levels, he was called in the CEO´s office and while there was no actual violence involved he was engaged in a very mafia-style conversation about loyalty and valuing your job and career. The next day the person who wanted to hire him called him to cancel any chance of getting the new job, the reason, he had been called the previous night and threatened to have his studio burnt down should he hire this guy...

So I quite see this happening on a larger scale of busines...

What I don´t get is why the guy stayed there. Why not quit and search for legal counceling, or just say it was too much for him to handle and that he did not like it at all... Anyways, the story seems to continue. Maybe he intended to but things got worse, who knows.

Too crazy he is leting it out now. Maybe he feels pressure has gone loose at this point, and nobody actually cares nowadays. Maybe he whould watch out for speeding cars on corners, not take a late night train or watch his back while taking the trash out, maybe he has been doing it all this time and got tired... go figure.

Or, again, maybe it´s just more propaganda.

LastDance3270d ago

HAHA! nerds threatening other nerds. What were they going to do? get marcus fenix to chain saw him or something?

pasty F*ckwits

Consoldtobots3270d ago

this gets my vote for funniest article EVER on N4G.

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heyheyhey3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

i call bull... lol, the gaming industry isn't the mafia


perhaps, but this is still a bit bombastic.. CliffyB threatened to kill him? LOL!

i could just about believe the whole "DNF was a consipracy to promote Unreal 3" thing.. but Epic extorting and blackmailing 3DR? bull

LeShin3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

lol the interesting thing here is if this actually happened, that's the exact response those guys would want to come from people. "It must be a joke, that could never happen"

Guess we'll never know, though I know people can do some crazy-ass things when it comes to their livelihoods and money.....

Oh, and I didn't disagree with you.

FlameBaitGod3270d ago

Epic did lose a lot of money with UT3, so yeah.... I hope this isn't true tho.

RememberThe3573270d ago

This is some real gangsta sh*t. I would love to do business with these guys.

Stapler3270d ago

Seriously... holy s***.. if that's true.
The story seems unreal (no pun intended)

Obama3270d ago

You know I actually chose to believe it lol since Cliff B looks like one crazy mofo.

kingme713270d ago

It started out believable until the whole chair thing kicked in, then it sounded like a bad script for a TV action pilot.

RememberThe3573270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )


Perjoss3270d ago

true story or not, isn't it kind of a bad idea to tell a story like this? unless of course all parties mentioned in the story are ok with it being told.

Matpan3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

That´s where the propaganda theory kicks in... I f it ain´t true and they stirr this enough and IDK in a week or two, while this is hot in the news or whatever, they announce the launch of DNF, that would be a GREATLY staged hoax.