PM: X-Blades Review


"When it comes to action gaming I'm a one-trick pony kinda' guy. Give me inspired level and character design, fun sticky gameplay, cutting-edge visuals and a soundtrack to drive it all home and I'm good. In addition to Ayumi's exemplary animation which includes separate frames for walking, running and all out sprinting she changes direction on a dime, and once she's locked-on to a target regardless of the direction she's facing or whether she's standing still or at a full sprint her guns stay fixed and firing, and when not locked on, by simply looking up, her reticule (which looks like something off a Ouija board) will immediately default to the closest threat. She's also dynamic to every angle and step under her feet and looks around inquisitively with her independently moving eyes and head whenever she's idle. Like the game that unfolds around her, Ayumi is all show, and all go."

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